Learning Outcomes

  • The ability to read, write, listen, and present in various contexts and for various audiences.  
  • The ability to understand emerging communication and media technologies, and the complex causes and opportunities of that evolution. 
  • The ability to analyze and explain the moral, ethical and cross-cultural dimensions of messages.  
  • The ability to apply communication and media theories to critically analyze real-world issues and employ practical, innovative solutions. 


The Communication and Media Studies Program offers undergraduate program options that combine social, cultural, and rhetorical approaches to the analysis and creation of messages within professional, social, and digital contexts. These programs offer students interdisciplinary perspectives that blend theory and practice, the historical and contemporary, and the conventional and the unconventional. Successful graduates of these programs will be employable,ethical, and competent communicators in the always evolving communication industry environment.

Dr. Mary Beth Ray’s Social Media: Tech & Culture Class
attended a Campus Presentation & Discussion Led By Joe Testani 9/24/19