Electromechanical Technology and Robotics

Bachelor of Science

This program is to educate students to build and design real-world automation systems, following a system approach by integrating electromechanics, existing microcontrollers, and software. It is to provide students with both theoretical background and practical hands-on experiential learning. It is also to prepare students to become innovators, entrepreneurs, and connectors in a dynamic and complex field, where teamwork is treasured. Finally, it is to connect computer science, electromechanics, and robotics with artistic design and interactive performance.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements


CS 2010 Computing Fundamentals (TECO) 3
CS 2370 Introduction to Programming 4
CS 2381 Data Structures and Intermediate Programming 4
CS 2470 Systems Programming in C/C++ 2
CS 2521 Introduction to Electromechanical Technology 3
CS 2525 Microprocessors and Digital Systems 4
CS 3240 Data Communication and Computer Networks 3
CS 3420 Introduction to Cybersecurity 3
CS 3690 Robotics I 4
CS 3890 Engineering Design 3
CS 3720 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CS 4520 CyberEthics (DICO) (INCO) (WRCO) 3
CS 4690 Robotics II 4
CS 4790 Robotics III 4
Electromechanical Technology and Robotics Major Electives – complete two of the following: (*) 6-8
BU 3420 Organization Behavior
CM 3090 Technical Communication
CS 3015 Mobile Application Development
CS 3221 Algorithm Analysis
CS 3500 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 3600 Database Design
CS 3650 Big Data Analytics
CS 3820 Human and Computer Interface
CS 4140 Software Engineering
CS 4310 Operating Systems
CS 4230 System Administration
CS 4400 Computer Networks and Protocols
CS 4500 Topics in Computer Science and Technology
CS 4920 Computer Science Internship (maximum of three credits)
MT 3710 Meteorological Instruments and Observations
PS 1120 Cognitive Psychology Lab
PS 3220 Cognitive Psychology
PY 3380 Humans and Humanoids: Ethics in Technology
PY 3610 Philosophy and Technology
TH 3300 Design for the Theatre
TH 3310 Theatre Technology
Math Requirement:
MA 2140 Precalculus (QRCO) 4
MA 2250 Mathematics for Computer Scientists 3
MA 2300 Statistics 3
MA 2490/2550 Applied Calculus I or Calculus I 4
General Education:
EN 1200 Composition 3
IS 1111 The First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking and the Nature of Inquiry 3
CTDI Creative Thought Directions 6
PPDI Past and Present Directions 6
PPDI Scientific Inquiry Directions 6-8
SSDI Self and Society Directions 6
WECO Global Awareness Connection 3
WECO Wellness Connection 3
Electives 17-13

(*) The prerequisites of all those courses offered by the Computer Science disciplines are included in the required and this elective course list. For those offered by other disciplines, there might be prerequisites not listed here.