Degree RequirementsCourse Sequence

Core (14 Required Courses for 53 Credits)

GD 2000 Game Design Principles 4
AR 1075 Art Foundations Drawing: Line and Language 4
AR 1080 Art Foundations: Digital and New Media (TECO)4
BUS 1100 Introduction to Business and Marketing 4
CS 2010 Computing Fundamentals (TECO)3
MA 2200 Finite Mathematics (QRCO)3
CS 2370 Introduction to Programming 4
CM 2775 Media and Cultural Studies (TECO) 4
CM 3006 Analyzing Screen Media (DICO) 4
CM 3125 Communicating Through Animation (INCO,INCP)4
AG 4200 UX/UI: Digital Identity 4
CS 4520 CyberEthics (DICO,INCO,INCP,WRCO)3
GD 4000 Game Design Workshop (Must take this class twice)8

World Building Experience (Choose 1) 4 Credits

EN 3420 Rethinking Medieval and Renaissance Literature (INCO,INCP)
EN 3515 Currents in Global Literature (GACO)
EN 4155 Digitalit: Storytelling in the Digital Age (TECO)
HI 3117 Revolutionary America, 1763-1815
HI 3145 Antebellum America, 1815-1860 (DICO,INCO,INCP)
HI 3155 American Civil War and Reconstruction
HI 3230 Topics in European History (GACO)
HI 3341 New Hampshire and New England History (WRCO)
HI 3360 Violence in the Middle Ages (GACO)
HI 3405 Love, Sex, and Family in Medieval Europe
HI 3485 The French Revolution and Napoleonic Era, 1789-1815 (GACO)
HI 3525 The Great Depression in film, print, and on stage (DICO,INCO,INCP,WRCO)
HI 3571 Interrogating US History (DICO,TECO)
HI 3590 Religious Conflict in Early Modern Europe (GACO)
HI 3815 Topics in United States History
HI 3825 Topics in World History (GACO)
PO 3125 Political Parties, Elections, and Interest Groups (TECO)
PO 3255 Model United Nations (GACO,INCO,INCP)
PO 3305 Latin American Politics (GACO,WRCO)
PO 3355 Women in World Politics
PO 3505 Politics and Conflict in the Middle East (GACO,INCO,INCP)

Pick One of the Following Focus Areas (9-12 Credits)

Technology Focus

CS 2381 Data Structures and Intermediate Programming
(pick 2 of the following; (both must be 3000 level +):
CM 3400 Interactive Web Communication
CS 3015 Mobile Application Development
CS 3020 Web Programming
CS 3030 Advanced Web Programming
CS 3820 Human-Computer Interaction

Creative Media Focus (Pick 3; at least 2 must be upper level)

AG 3200 Imagery
EN 2710 Creative Writing
EN 3685 Scriptwriting
EN 4155 Digitalit: Storytelling in the Digital Age (TECO)
EN 3105 Fiction Workshop
EN 3325 Literature into Film
MU 2320 Introduction to Music Composition (must take this 3 times if chosen)
TH 3300 Design for the Theatre (Topics)
TH 3340 Writing for Performance (Topics)

Game Design Course Sequence

First Year

AR1080MA2200 (QRCO)
Math FoundationsCreative Thought

Second Year

CS2010 (TECO)Scientific Inquiry
CM2775Directions Course

Third Year

CS2381 or Creative Media Focus CourseGD4000
Second Focus CourseWorld-Building Experience Course
CM3125One Elective for 4 Credits

Fourth Year

AG4200Two Electives for 8 Credits
Third Focus Course