2017 End-of-Year Celebration

by Janina Misiewicz

On Tuesday, we celebrated our graduating seniors, the AIS Honor Society inductees, the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award recipient, and the 2017 Gonfonalier recipient. We had a busy evening! The festivities included hors d’oeuvres, cake, balloons, a photobooth, and smiles!

We’re very proud of our graduating seniors because they’ve worked hard to get here. As part of the Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar, students are required to complete an “applied project” and a “research article” related to their program. On Tuesday, students gave brief presentations about their work, but with over 20 students, they didn’t have enough time to get into the details. If you would like to learn more about any of our students and their capstone efforts, check out the event program, or the list below:

Taylor Fournier – The Performing Arts for Community Empowerment
Taylor Martin – Promoting Healthy Aging
Kevin Sollenberger – Wilderness Therapeutic Intervention
Jeana DiBona – Health Sciences
Mariah Mann – Child and Family Development
Brandon Rich – Music Management
Ayla Steere – Women’s Health
Alice Reed – Photojournalism Sustainability
Andrea Ellis – Healthcare Administration
Mariah Barnum – Event Management
Colby Downes – Health Science
Erin Murphy – Health Science
James Campbell – Wilderness Emergency Care
Alison Abbott – Clinical Advocacy
Andrew Godinez – Pre-Athletic Training
Lizzy Daly – Patient Advocacy
Amy Manhard – Therapeutic Adventure Programming
Stacy Navis – Small Business Innovations in Early Childhood Expressions
Casey Connors – Health Sciences
Sammi Davies – Pre-Occupational Therapy
Andreana Sideris – Outdoor Science Education
Amara Decker – Dance and Theatrical Design

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