2018 End-of-Year Celebration

On Tuesday May 15, 2018, the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Plymouth State University will be celebrating the end of the academic year by honoring our Outstanding Senior Award recipient, our Graduation Leader recipient, and the Honor Society inductees. Additionally, a handful of students from the Senior Seminar course will be giving short presentations on their applied projects and research articles from this past semester. It’s going to be wonderful evening!

If you’d like to learn more about the coursework from the students completing the Senior Seminar course, check out the list below:

Lyndsey Bradley – Cross-Cultural Marketing Studies
Stephen Bruno – Creative & Digital Design for Business
Rachel Couture – Theatrical Experience in a Mental Health Context
Heather Dieterle – Health Science
Kelsey Dubia – Health Science
Makenna Franklin – Patient Advocacy
Madisen Giordano – Sports Medicine
Lily Keenan – Sustainable Landscape Design
Lindsy Locke – Exercise & Pre-Physical Therapy Sciences
Mikaela Malone – Health Advocacy and Education
Ashley Marsh – Psychological Approaches to Exercise and Health
Emily Middleton – Dance Management
Tim Moreau – Sport Facility Entrepreneurship
Kaity Morency – Health and Social Services
Shayla Murphy – Health Science
Robert Preston – Promoting Physical Activity for Health
Rebecca Rand – Environmental Sociology
Oriana Raymond – Event Management and Marketing Coordination
Tracy Ripkey – Organizational Administration
Carly Ristuccia – Arts & Entertainment Management
Joshua Routhier – Exercise and Pre-Operational Therapy Sciences
Mikey Sampson – Psychological Approaches to Workplace Health
Yahina Santana – Visual Design Entrepreneurship
Christy Somers – Health Science
Ryleigh Stearns – Health Science
Molly Stone – Theatre Dance Performance and Production
Megan Suda – Sustainable Event Planning and Management
Julie Wilk – Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
Brianna Groleau – Kinesiology & Pre-Physical Therapy Sciences
Mickayla Damon – Criminal Behavior

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May 15, 2018 at 6:50 pm, Bonnie J Toomey said:

It’s been a labor of love! I learned so much from IDSsem scholars, faculty, and staff and will be forever grateful!! Now, let’s partyyyy!

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