IDS Students in the 2019 Showcase of Research and Engagement

We are thrilled that so many IDS students and student workers will be showcasing their research and projects in tomorrow’s Student Showcase of Research & Engagement. We wanted to highlight their excellence and urge everyone to attend the Showcase and see what our IDS students are up to. If you are an IDS student in the Showcase of Research and Engagement and you don’t see your name below, please reach out to the office and let us know the name of your project so we can properly acknowledge your hard work! Phone: 535-2510, email:

The Student Showcase of Research & Engagement is a multidiscipline showcase that highlights student’s research and projects of the past academic year. Students are able to discuss and share their research with the public. Tomorrow’s Showcase will take place tomorrow, May 2nd 2-5pm in the Hartman Union Building.

  • Jonathan Martineau 2-3pm: “The Effects of Two Antihypertensives on the Locomotion of Juvenile American Horseshoe Crabs, Limulus Polyphemus”
  • Christine McELreavy 2-3pm: “Cajun Music’s Influence on Cajun Culture”
  • Emily Shealy 2-3pm: “Bring Communities Together Through Agriculture”
  • Jane Burdick 3-4pm: “Does the Presence of Brook Trout Influence the Benthic Insect Community in a Headwater Stream?”
  • Mackenzie Kennedy 3-4pm: “Behavior Effects of Caffeine and Triclosan on Limulus Polyphemus”
  • Mariah Davis 4-5pm: “The Portrayal and Representation of Ed Kemper in Mind Hunter

Again, if you are presenting and we missed you, please contact the office to have your name added!

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