2019 End-of-the-Year Celebration

Interdisciplinary Studies had a huge crowd join us for our End-of-the-Year Celebration on May 6, 2019. A handful of students from the Senior Seminar course delivered capstone presentations: Taryn MacGregor, Victoria Jollimore, Jane Burdick, Elene Gedevanishvili, Deandre Wooding, and Kyle Anderson. IDS inducted 37 new members into the Alpha Iota Sigma Honor Society and we honored our two special award winners: Mariah Davis, the recipient of the 2019 Oustanding Senior Award, and Amanda Downs, the 2019 Distinguished Senior in Interdisciplinary Studies. A fun time was had by all with food, cake, planter decorating, thank-you note writing, and fellowship among our amazing majors and graduating seniors.

2019 inductees of alpha iota sigma
2019 Inductees of Alpha Iota Sigma
2019 Distinguished Senior of Interdisciplinary Studies, Amanda Downs
2019 Distinguished Senior of Interdisciplinary Studies, Amanda Downs

For many, preparation for the 2019 End-of-the-Year Celebration was a labor of love. From our hard-working IDS seniors in the Senior Seminar class completing their Applied Projects and Research Articles to our stellar Graphic Designer, Ashley Hichborn, developing a party theme, decorations, and promotion for the event, we recognize all the work that went into this year’s Celebration.

2019 Oustanding Senior recipient, Mariah Davis
2019 Oustanding Senior recipient, Mariah Davis

This was a special celebration for Matt and me since it marked our first year completed with Interdisciplinary Studies. There was a sense of pride and accomplishment that we shared with our graduating seniors. It was only fitting that Matt got the news of his permanent appointment as director of Interdisciplinary Studies only days later. We are so thrilled to be able to continue our work together in IDS and want to thank everyone involved in making the End-of-the-Year Celebration special and successful! Until next year, IDS majors. Have a good summer!

Make sure to check out all of the amazing work that our seniors (and now, our graduates!) have been doing as IDS majors by exploring their blogs below!

Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar Research

Kyle Anderson Music Production and Marketing kyleanderson.plymouthcreate.net
Taylor Berry Pre-Physical Therapy | tmberry.plymouthcreate.net
Meagan Bircher Recreation Management  |  megsworld.plymouthcreate.net
Emily Blaikie Conservation Ecology | earthyem.plymouthcreate.net
Cassidy Brennan Environmental Sciences and Sustainability
Jane Burdick Conservation Ecology  |  janeeb.plymouthcreate.net
Allie Butterfield Media Production | alliebutterfield.plymouthcreate.net
Shelby Chapman Creative Arts for Healing shelbychapman.plymouthcreate.net
Katherine Clement Dance Science | katherineclement.home.blog
Maxxwell Cook Marketing for Sustainable Design  maxwellbenjamincook.plymouthcreate.net
Alex Crossley Media Communications and Design alexcrossleyblog.wordpress.com/blog
Janet Currier Global Education and Policy janetcurriertravels.wixsite.com/laviajer
Mariah Davis Sports Communication | mariahlynndavis.wordpress.com
Hayley DeSousa Healthcare Administration hayleyadesousa.plymouthcreate.net
Amanda Downs Promotion of Wellness and Healthy Living amandadowns.plymouthcreate.net
James Eng Medical Sales | jameseng.plymouthcreate.net
Elene Gedevanishvili Psychology of Exercise   
Brenna Goode Health and Fitness Marketing brennagoode.plymouthcreate.net
Katelyn Heath Biomedical Science and Healthcare katelynheath.plymouthcreate.net
Ashley Hoyt Public Health Advocacy | ashleyhoyt.plymouthcreate.net
Maya Infascelli Ethnochoregraphic Studio Management synergydance.wordpress.com
Victoria Jollimore Music and Media in Worship | VictoriaAnne.net/blog
Tessaleigh Leroy Integrated Health Sciences  
Taryn MacGregor Intercultural Advocacy | tarynmacgregor.com
Brooke Maggy Pre-Physical Therapy | brookemaggy.plymouthcreate.net
Johnathan Martineau Musical Aesthetics| johnmartineau.plymouthcreate.net/blog
Joseph Martinez The Business of Fitness| jmartyfit.plymouthcreate.net/blog
Taylor Meyers Space Exploration
Matthew Nason Sports Statistics & Analytics mattsstats.plymouthcreate.net
Mackenzie Palmer Business of Health Promotion mackensiepalmer.plymouthcreate.net
Darian Rideout Expressive Arts | expressthruart.plymouthcreate.net
Emily Schleper Integrated Health Sciences emilyshcleper.plymouthcreate.net
Ryan Schreiner Pre-Physician’s Assistant ryanschreiner.plymouthcreate.net
Jerica Wilkins Healthcare Administration jwilkinshealthcareprofessional.plymouthcreate.net
Deandre Wooding Pre-Occupational Therapy deandrewooding.plymouthcreate.net

Gallery from IDS Celebration!

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