For Current Students

If you are a matriculated PSU student, you will enroll in IS2225 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies during either Fall or Spring semester; the course will introduce you to Interdisciplinary Studies and help you complete your application to the program. Applications include three required parts:

IDS Contract

The IDS Contract is the official documentation of the major that you create. It consists of a program title, the list of courses that make up your major, and the names of your content advisors. Your contract must consist of 51-53 total credits; 24+ of those credits must be upper level (3000 level or higher).

Planning Guide

The IDS Planning Guide requires you to plan out your upcoming semesters at PSU and make note of when you will take the classes in your contract.

Program Statement Essay

The IDS Program Statement Essay requires you to describe the program you have created. In the body of the essay, you must explain why you have decided to create your major and why you have included each course in your contract. You are required to discuss how your program will help you prepare for your future.

IDS Application Submissions

When you have completed your application, attach the three required parts TO A SINGLE EMAIL to, subject line: IDS APPLICATION. The IDS Council will review each application submitted. You will receive an email informing you if your contract as been approved, or if you need to make certain changes before approval.

Making Changes to Your Program

Once you are accepted to the program, you may need to make a change to your contract at some point. For that, please submit an IDS Contract Change Form. Remember that you will also need to submit an updated Contract Form (see above). Submit both documents IN A SINGLE EMAIL to, subject line: IDS CONTRACT CHANGE.

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