Interested in an Internship?

Career Services has a variety of materials for students to use who are considering the addition of an internship as part of their degree. The most recent addition to help streamline the process is the creation of the ‘Intent to Intern’ on-line form.  Students can file an Intent submission form which is then forwarded to the department/cluster’s designated coordinator.

Career Services has an on-line job opportunities board that makes it easy for employers to post positions (including internships) for our PSU students to peruse for openings. There are also many seasonal/temp and volunteer summer positions that are currently being added. Traditionally, February is a very busy month for this tool, with many summer positions being added for both interns and anticipated new spring grads.

If students have general questions about internships for credit, please direct the inquiry to our new distribution list:

In addition, PSU offers internship credit for international work experiences all throughout the year. See here for the complete list of countries and courses offered.

Most of this information has been adapted to apply to most PSU internships. Some of the requirements of a specific department’s degree plan might include additional documents. The NH Department of Labor requires that all un-paid internships/practicum experiences within the state of NH must have the pre-screening document on file as part of the school-to-work partnership program.

Lastly, our Center for Transformation has all the High Impact Learning tools students might need to help coordinate internships and off-campus engagement – from the Learning Agreement, time sheet and an off-campus work contract.