Writing Your Interdisciplinary Studies Program Statement

These tips are just guidelines, designed to help you communicate your program ideas clearly to the Interdisciplinary Studies Council. For additional tips and assistance, talk with a faculty advisor! For examples of program statements, see the section of the textbook¬†Interdisciplinary Studies: A Connected Learning Approach titled “Creating an Interdisciplinary Studies Major”.


  • Title your essay with the name of your program
  • Center your title and first & last name at the top of your statement essay


  • Introduce the title of your program
  • Describe your program
  • Explain how/ why you created this program
  • Explain why no current PSU program (like a major and minor) could have met your needs;¬†explain why your program is different from current PSU program offerings


  • Describe why you included EACH course in your contract. Include your QRCO. You may choose to include the IDS courses
  • Use your own words to describe your reasoning for including the class; don’t simply copy/paste from the course catalog
  • Use boldface to highlight the titles of each course
  • Make connections between the different courses
  • Take your time; this will be the longest part of your essay


  • Explain how your program is interdisciplinary
  • Explain how this program will prepare you for your professional & educational goals


  • Provide explanations of your background where necessary (for example, if you are including an advanced music class in your contract, explain your background in music)
  • Provide research where necessary (for example, if you are creating a pre-medical program, demonstrate that you have done research into what is required of this type of program)
  • Adopt a positive and professional tone
  • Revise and edit your essay!
  • Visit the Writing Center in the library for additional help

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