Honor Society and Awards

Alpha Iota Sigma (AIS) is an international honor society that aims to recognize the academic scholarship and achievements of interdisciplinary undergraduate students.

The AIS goals are:

  • to promote the benefits of interdisciplinary work
  • to provide a forum to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration with students, faculty, and local community members
  • to investigate and encourage methods of interdisciplinary learning
  • to enhance understanding and application of interdisciplinary knowledge among the general public
  • to create a sense of community among interdisciplinary students and graduates of interdisciplinary programs

2016 AIS Inductees

Why should you join?

  • It’s a great honor and resumé builder
  • You become affiliated with an international organization of interdisciplinary scholars and students
  • Opportunities open up to become involved with our university
  • Opportunities  open up to become involved with the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Opportunities open up to be considered in the annual Association for Interdisciplinary Studies conference by submitting student research proposals
  • Opportunities open up to connect with other interdisciplinary scholars and students
  • You will receive a certificate recognizing your membership of the honor society
  • You will receive a cord for your graduation robes

Colby Downes and Janet Currier

How to join:

  • must be enrolled at Plymouth State University
  • must be majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • must complete the Alpha lota Sigma Application for Membership
  • must have the names and contact information of 3 faculty recommending your induction
  • must pay $20 in dues per year

Applications for Alpha lot Sigma membership are due every March.

For more information, visit the Alpha Iota Sigma website.

Past Presidents:

2018-2019 President: Mariah Davis
2017-2018 President: Janet Currier
2016-17 President: Colby Downs
2015-16 Founder and President: Christine Whitman

The Outstanding Graduating Senior Award Recipients

2019 Recipient: Mariah Davis
2018 Recipient: Emily Middleton
2017 Recipient: Taylor Fournier
2016 Recipient: Chelsea Merritt

The Distinguished Senior (Previously Gonfalonier) Award Recipients

2019 Recipient: Amanda Downs
2018 Recipient: Louisa Noble
2017 Recipient: Colby Downes

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