Internships, Practica, and Study Abroad

Interdisciplinary Studies encourages ALL of our majors to pursue high-impact learning experiences such as internships, practica, and study abroad.

If you need help finding, setting up, or registering for an internship, please visit PantherPro Internships and complete the preparation step. Contact Eric Spieth if you have questions as he handles internships for IDS. Our internship course number is IP3100, and it is available for 1-12 credits beginning in Fall 2018.

If you would like to do a practicum project, please find a sponsoring professor or come talk with the IDS Director for assistance. Our practicum course number is IP3000, and it is available for 1-3 credits (repeatable for up to 12 credits) beginning in Fall 2018.

If you would like to study abroad or do a semester exchange at another college in the United States, please visit the Study Abroad website to get started.