Sample Programs

Most of our students create a program of study that is all their own. If you choose to customize your own major, your plan will be unique to you.

Here are some of the customized majors that IDS students have built in the last few years:

Dance Entrepreneurship

Clinical Advocacy

Pre-Physical Therapy

Entrepreneurship of the Arts

Women’s Studies

Event Management

Marketing and Creative Services

Medical Illustration

Digital Media Advertising

Applied Health in Society

Community Arts Promotion

International Business and Culture

Integrative Wellness

Outdoor Environmental Education

Sustainability in Business Practices

Wilderness Emergency Care

Creative Arts for Healing

Marketing for Sustainable Planning

Child Advocacy and Development

Theatrical Experience in a Mental Health Context

Music for Therapeutic Expression

Global Educational Studies

Patient Advocacy

Criminal Behavior

Psychological Elements of Sports

Business Analytics

Pre Occupational Therapy

Sports Communication

Business Computing Technologies

Parenting Education and Family Health

Music Marketing and Production

Healthcare Administration

Illustration and Creative Writing

The Performing Arts for Community Empowerment

Creative Arts Instruction

Child and Family Studies

Leadership and Healthcare Administration

Sport Performance

Screenwriting and Filmmaking

Cannabis Industry Entrepreneurship


International Studies

Weather Journalism

Wellness Coaching

Ethnochoreographic Studio Management

Advocating for Sustainable Change

Diplomacy and Global Affairs

Gender Studies

Writing for Multimedia Platforms

Translation for Social Advocacy

Therapeutic Adventure Programming

Psychological Approaches to Exercise and Health

Promoting Healthy Aging

La Vérité à la Main (Truth by Hand)

International Languages and Cultures

Adventure Recreation Management

Addiction and Society

Performing Arts for Special Needs

Sport Facility Entrepreneurship

International Affairs

Art Management

Human Resources

Social Influences on Health

Student Affairs in Higher Education

Developmental Adventure Education

Wildlife Management

Early Childhood Administration

Convergent Journalism

Choreographic Elements for Dance

Peace and Conflict Resolution Through Sociocultural Psychology

Guardianship Studies

Environmental Communication

Photojournalism Sustainability

Music Management

Expressive Arts

Arts & Entertainment Management

Biomedical Sciences

Adventure Photography

User Experience Design

Outdoor Environmental Science Education

Wilderness Youth Facilitation

Scientific Communication

Fitness Entrepreneurship

International Studies

Branding and Organizational Identity

Bio-Alchemical Prose

Game Design

Healthy Living for At Risk-Populations

Conservation Ecology

Advertising and Creative Services

Communication & Media for Wellness & Exercise

Human-Centered Technology Design and Development

Health & Fitness Marketing

Outdoor Recreation Entrepreneurship

Intercultural Communication

The Business of Fitness

Environmental and Adventure Film

Performing Arts Production

Multi Media Performance Studies

Music and Media in Worship

Holistic Health and Wellness

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