Math Placement Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

What log in information will I need and where do I find it?
 You need your myPlymouth username and password.  If you’ve lost those, please contact the Help Desk at (603) 535-2929. 
I cannot seem to access the Assessment. What should I do?
 If you are a new PSU student who will be starting in the fall semester, there may be a bit of a delay between your receiving an email about taking the Assessment and being able to access it. This delay is generally no longer than 24 hours. 

If you are not an incoming student, then you cannot access the Assessment. Please reach out to your advisor to discuss the best option for you.

How long will this take?
You have 70 minutes to complete the Assessment, but most students finish in less time than that.
What kinds of things are on the Assessment?
The Assessment covers from basic math (like the order of operations, working with fractions, and exponent rules) through precalculus (like exponential and logarithmic functions and trigonometry).
What if I’m not familiar with some of those topics?
No worries! You’re permitted to opt out of any question you’re not familiar with.  The goal of the Assessment is to find out what math you already know so you don’t repeat it as a college student.
What if I get interrupted and can’t finish taking the Assessment?
That’s one reason we allow for two attempts on the Assessment. Just log back in and give it another try when you’re sure you can finish.
What should I do if something goes wrong while I'm taking the Assessment?
Please contact the Placement Assessment Coordinator, Dr. Justin Wright, via email at  Explain your problem in detail to him in the first message to expedite a helpful response.
What happens when I’m done?
After you complete the Assessment, you’ll be told what your Placement Level is. You should then use your Placement Level and the course grid on the Orientation Moodle page to help you register for your first math class. 

There may be a delay of up to 48 hours after you complete the Assessment before you can register. Scores are only updated on weekdays during normal business hours, and usually only once per day. Please be patient, as there is nothing we can do to reduce this delay.

Do I still have to take the Assessment if I’m transferring in math credit from another institution or Advanced Placement Exams?
We recommend that all incoming students take the Assessment regardless of potential transfers.  Delays in processing transfers are common.  Any transfers that come in before or after supersede the Assessment score, so there is no harm in taking it. The Math Placement Assessment is the fastest route for registering for your classes.
I took a Placement Test somewhere else.  Can I use that score?
No.  Plymouth State University uses its own Placement Assessment that’s been tailored to our courses.  We need you to take our Assessment.
I’m a student with a learning disability and I normally get extra time on Assessments.  Can that be accommodated?
Yes, we’re happy to accommodate you. Please contact Lindsay Page, the director of Campus Accessibility Services at for assistance.
Can I just skip the Assessment and be placed into the lowest level?
You can, but why not give the Assessment a try.  If you opt out of the Assessment now, you won’t be allowed to change your mind and take it later because this is about getting you into the right math class during your first year.  If you’re entering a program that requires several math classes, skipping the Assessment will result in you being required to take more math classes.
I'm not sure what math class to take. Can you please help?
During Orientation, you will meet with faculty and staff who will help you determine the best classes for you.  If you’re not sure what class you should take, please wait until you visit campus and can have someone in your program help you.