Meteorology Instrumentation & Resources

Students have ready access to excellent equipment and facilities found in the Boyd Science Center.

Instrumentation & Facilities

  • Multi-instrumented rooftop weather observation station
  • A suite of rain gauges & temperature probes for remote deployment during field experiments as well as hand held wind meters.
  • Observational equipment such as a radiosonde system, portable micrometeorological measurement platform, and a fully instrumented Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS).
  • Broadcast Studio equipped with IBM Weather Company MAX system for generating weather graphics found in many local television stations.

Computer Resources

  • Two computer labs for exclusive use by meteorology students. Each workstation features dual screen monitors and the latest versions of MetPy, GR2Analyst, Matlab, IDV, AWIPS2 and other meteorological software applications
  • Electronic mapwall consisting of eight 48″ LCD monitors allowing for large scale visualization and analysis of weather phenomenon
  • A 72 core computer cluster capable of running operational numerical weather prediction models such as the WRF.