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Music majors at Plymouth State receive a great deal of individualized attention from master teachers, and many opportunities to perform. Our commitment to teaching is reflected in the quality of instruction and guidance which our students receive at all levels and in all of our degree programs.

Music offers two degrees:

The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides you with a liberal arts education with heavy emphasis on musical study and performance.

Degree candidates are required to choose from two options: Contract and Music Technology. Students in the Music Technology Option present a Music Technology Junior Project and a Music Technology Senior Project.

Options Available in:

  • Contract Option in which you work with the Music faculty to tailor a course of study suited to your individual interests.
  • Music Technology


Any student at Plymouth State University may consider the Music minor program offered in the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance. To be accepted as a Music minor, you must meet with the Department Chair as well as audition on your preferred instrument or voice for members of the faculty. You will work with an appropriate performance study faculty member to choose your audition material.

Concert Attendance

Music minors are required to attend 50 percent of the Wednesday afternoon recitals (including Convocation) and at least six other department-sponsored concerts. They also must attend three additional professional level events each semester. Performance in a student recital once a year is encouraged.


Juries are performed at the end of each semester. A Music minor must study no less than five semesters in one performance area as well as at least two semesters at the 2000 level. Each individual faculty member sets jury requirements for his/her students. Be sure you have these requirements at the beginning of each semester


Music minors are encouraged to perform in a Student Recital once each year. Students should request specific information from their Performance Studies teacher.

The Bachelor of Science in Music Education is an accredited program that certifies you to teach vocal/choral, instrumental and general music in grades K-12.

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