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Soweto: Soprano Soweto: Alto Soweto: Tenor Soweto: Bass All of Us: Tenor All of Us: Bass All of Us:  Baritone All of Us: Soprano 1 All of Us: Soprano 2 All of Us: Alto 1 All of Us: Alto 2   The Listening: Alto The Listening: Soprano 1 The Listening:  Soprano 2 The Listening: Tenor […]

The Guest Artist Series enhances the dance student’s development at PSU. The Dance Program has invited such artists as Sean Curran, Renee Lemieux, Cle Douglas, Juliet Forrest, Chuck Carter, Katiti King, Prometheus Dance Company, and Deca Dance Theater. The Dance Program and Friends of the Arts collaborate to bring dance companies to PSU for concerts […]

                          REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! THEME: “ALL OF US” based on the final chorus in Craig Hella Johnson’s “Considering Matthew Shepard” DATE: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2018 CONDUCTOR: Dan Perkins PIANIST: Charlie Blood READING SESSION: Krystal Morin and Will Gunn (JW Pepper) NOMINATIONS DUE: SEPTEMBER […]

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