Dance Program

The Plymouth State University dance experience reflects the importance of building artists as creative agents who gain the skills to develop high-impact projects and performances. PSU dancers work toward mastery of technique in various dance styles of their selection (tap, ballet, jazz and modern).  Dance students cultivate an understanding of arts and culture and attain skills in somatic integration, movement theory, performance studies and creative workforce development.  Dancers may select from a variety of dance technique, theory and general education courses to build a course of study that fits their individual interests.

Choreographer: Kelsie Steil Photographer: Paige Schoppmann

Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree

Dance students may create a self-designed bachelor’s degree through the Interdisciplinary Studies program that integrates dance with one or more concentrations such as theatre, education or business.  Working with advisors, students have created extraordinary degree programs that cross sectors including:

  • Ethnographic Studio Management
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Performing Arts Production
  • Dance Science
  • Dance Entrepreneurship

“300ft” Collaborative Work by PSU Sculpture, Theatre Tech and Dance Students


All matriculated students are welcome to enroll in beginning and intermediate dance technique courses, dance general education courses and dance theory courses without audition.

Students who wish to enroll in advanced level dance technique courses and/or performance courses like “Dance Project” need the permission of instructor and require an audition.

The B.A. Musical Theatre degree requires a scheduled live audition on campus. This audition includes a dance component.

Please contact Amanda Whitworth, Director of Dance, for more details.

Course Work in the Dance Program

Course work includes beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of modern dance, ballet, jazz and tap. Additional courses are offered in dance composition, dance history, world dance, theatre dance, movement concepts, performance, dance practicum, movement therapies and independent study.

Baroni Family Dance Entrepreneurship Grant

The Baroni Family Dance Entrepreneurship Grant is established by the Baroni family to recognize and financially support a dance-focused student of junior or senior status implement a large scale project proposal with an eye toward community development, workforce development and innovation through arts and culture.  Students are required to submit a multi-step proposal including project narrative, justification and budget.  A committee of cross-disciplinary faculty adjudicate the proposals and select one recipient to receive this $1000.00+ grant.

For more information on this unique grant opportunity please contact, Director of Dance, Amanda Whitworth.

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