Habits of Successful Nursing Students

The Habits of Successful Nursing Students bridge course was designed by nursing faculty Julie Fagan and Jean Coffey to welcome first-year and transfer nursing students and set them up for success. Open to all new nursing majors, the one-day course allows students to move in early and bond with peers before Panther Days orientation begins. The Habits course is a fun and interactive way to meet nursing faculty, make friends with other nursing majors, and start to feel at home at PSU. Activities include:

  • Exploring learning styles and study habits
  • Creating plans for time management
  • Identifying common challenges and strategies for success during college
  • Learning about resources for academic and social support at PSU
  • Meeting with a panel of current nursing students who can answer your questions

The poster below, presented at the annual Nurse Educator’s Conference in 2019, summarizes the purpose and design of the Habits course. Further information can be found in a nationally published article on the Habits course: Fagan, J. & Coffey, J. (2019), Despite challenges: Nursing student persistence, Journal of Nursing Education, 58 (7). Dr. Coffey and Dr. Fagan continue to research the benefits of the Habits course and ways to promote persistence among nursing students.  

For any questions about the Habits course, please contact Julie Fagan at jmfagan1@plymouth.edu