Learning Outcomes

Primary goals and learning objectives for B.A. in Political Science (from our 2014 Self Study): 

  • Completion of a general education component to assure excellence in reading, written and oral expression, critical thinking and interdisciplinary problem solving.  This involves exposure to the problems, perspectives and methods of analysis of several disciplines outside of the major. 


  • A thorough introduction to the political science discipline including theoretical perspectives, underlying values, primary sub-disciplines, and means of analysis and evaluation. 


  • Immersion in some depth through study of the primary areas of the discipline including (a) American institutions, (b) international relations and foreign policy, (c) comparative politics, (d) policy studies, (e) normative theory, and (f) quantitative theory and analysis. 


  • Student election of specialized courses in areas of their concern/interest to enhance depth to their preparation.


  • Experiences that expand students’ world view including internationalism, diversity, cultural variety, and tolerance.