Getting the most out of your degree

Remember that there are thousands of graduates with Psychology majors every year, and you need to find ways to set yourself apart.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Strive to achieve academic success – This goes without saying, but here are some tips to actually do it.
  • Develop relationships with your professors – Ask thoughtful questions in class, go to their office hours, and make yourself memorable (in a good way!). Positive recommendation letters from faculty can go a long way!
  • Study abroad – In addition to having a fabulous experience, you can practice your skills in foreign language and show people that you’re open to new experiences.  Before you discount the experience for financial reasons, see this page about possible scholarships.
  • Participate in the honors program – Show people that you’re willing to do more than the bare minimum with respect to coursework.
  • Participate in a club – Don’t just join a club, get involved!  Become a leader or active member so that you can later explain what your roles/activities were (the Psychology Club is a great option!).
  • Complete a research project – If you’re at all interested in applying to graduate school, this is the single best thing that you can do to prepare for it — the earlier the better!  To get involved, contact a faculty member individually.
  • Complete an internship – You can earn course credit in Psychology and gain field experience at the same time.  Many internships also lead to careers after graduation!
  • Volunteer – If you’re not quite ready for an internship, try volunteering in the community.  Even if it’s just 5 hours per month, you’ll be gaining experience and letting your supervisors know that you’re a responsible and dedicated person who would later make an outstanding intern/employee.
  • Learn to market yourself – There are tons of available classes in career exploration that will instruct you in how to create a resume, search for jobs, and have a successful interview.  Upper-level students should try Career Development (BU 3720) (earn credit for both INCO and WECO!) or Professional Employment (BU 4650) (WECO).

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