Bachelor of Arts


The BA in Spanish is a balanced program of major study in Spanish, language skills development, Peninsular (Spain) and Latin American cultures, politics, history, art, music and literature. Students may elect to minor in French, Applied Linguistics, or in another field.

Globalization and the continuous expansion of international relations makes knowledge of and fluency in Spanish a critical skill for today’s professional. BA Spanish graduates pursue  careers in education, research, translation, interpretation, diplomacy, banking, technology, commerce, public health, law, media studies, business, and journalism. The demand for multilingual personnel extends to all fields of enterprise including non-profit organizations.

While at Plymouth State University, students are encouraged to study abroad. We have a direct exchange program with the Universidad Austral, Valdivia, Chile for the same price as PSU tuition with a financial aid package if applicable.  We also have numerous study abroad opportunities in several Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

The BA in Spanish is a balanced program of study in language, culture, and literature.

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