Past Seasons


Cowboys! April, 2017 © Maundy Mitchell 2017April 6-9
Studio TheatreBy Paul Mroczka, John R. Briggs, and Judith Townsend.
Directed by John R. Briggs and Paul Mroczka
Costume Design by Danee Grillo
Scenic Design by Matt Kizer
Lighting Design by Kyle Trumble

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Oedipus the King February, 2017 © Maundy Mitchell 2017By Sophocles; Translated by Nicholas Rudall
Part of The Oedipus Cycle, produced with University of New Hampshire and Keene State College.
Directed by Elizabeth Daily
Choreography by C. Robin Marcotte
Scenic and Lighting Design by Matt Kizer
Costume Design by Rosie Legge

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Master Class February, 2017 © Maundy Mitchell 2017

February 10-11, Smith Recital Hall
By Terrance McNally
Directed by Fran Page
Maria Callas:  Eva Nagorka
Many: Dan Perkins
Sophie: Emily Thorner
Sharon: Emily Jaworski
Tony: Brendan Buckley
Costume Design by Danee Grillo


Stage Kiss November, 2016 © Maundy Mitchell 2016November 17-20, 2016, Studio Theatre
By Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Holly McCarthy
Scenic Design by Rosie Legge
Costume Design by Mary Hunter
Lighting Design by John Findlay

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Carrie the Musical October, 2016 Photo: Maundy Mitchell PhotographyOctober 13-16, Hanaway Theatre
Playwright: Lawrence D. Cohen
Composer: Michael Gore
Lyricist: Dean Pitchford
Directed by John R. Briggs
Scenic Design and Projections by Matt Kizer
Costumes Designed by Danee Grillo
Lighting Design by Victoria Miller
Choreography by Amara Decker

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Brilliant Being September, 2016 psu-mtd-brilliant-being-47September 22-25, Studio Theatre
Narrative by Paul Mroczka
Choreography by Amanda Whitworth
Projections, Scenery, and Lighting by Matt Kizer
Costumes Designed by Danee Grillo
Developed in a workshop environment with
Paul Mroczka, Matt Kizer, Jonathan Santore, Amanda Whitworth, Emily Jaworski, and Charmy Wells

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