Audition Requirements

In order to become a Theatre major at PSU you must audition and/or interview with the Theatre faculty. Prospective majors are asked to both apply to Undergraduate Admissions, and to sign up for an audition by clicking on one of the dates below: 

JANUARY 30, 2021
FEBRUARY 27, 2021
MARCH 26, 2021
APRIL 24, 2021

The above audition dates will be virtual only. Audition material must be received two weeks prior to your selected audition date and will be pre-screened by faculty. If you pass this portion of the audition, you will be invited to interview with faculty via ZOOM on your selected audition date.

Once we have received notice from Admissions that you have signed up for an audition, you will receive information from us on how to submit your audition materials. 

For specific requirements regarding your degree option, please see below. 

If you have any questions regarding your theatre audition, please contact: 

Dr. Paul Mroczka
Director of Theatre

There are five options within the Theatre Major at PSU. Each has its own criteria for auditions or interviews, listed below.

BA, Theatre Arts Audition Requirements:

Acting Option
  • Two monologues of contrasting styles, memorized (total of four minutes or less)
  • Interview with faculty
  • Resumé of training and performing experience
Design/Technology Option
  • Portfolio of previous work (samples of art, drawing, sewing, costumes, painting, props, photos of productions, etc.)
  • Interview with faculty
  • Resumé of training and prior experience
Music Theatre Option
  • One ballad and one up-tempo solo (total of four minutes or less) and one monologue (about one minute) – all memorized. 
  • Basic theatre movement exercise (administered on campus)
  • Brief test of basic music theory
  • Interview with faculty
  • Resumé of training and performing experience
Contract Option
  • Examples of previous work
  • Interview with faculty
  • Resumé of training and performing experience
Dramatic Writing Option
  • Portfolio of work in creative writing, including play, video or film scripts; short fiction; poetry
  • Interview with faculty
  • Theatre and/or writing resumé