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AE 3500 - Technology for Art Education
Credits: 3
Examines the history and evolution of visual arts technology in Art Education and how it impacts curriculum development, art education, culture and society. Designed to provide students with project-based experience in visual arts technology software programs and applications. Students gain proficiency with digital imaging and animation in addition to working with digital still and video cameras, multimedia production and use of scanning software. Students demonstrate proficiencies by writing and developing a narrative animation film, researching and designing a resource/advocacy brochure, creating theme-based photomontages and creating and presenting instructional multimedia. Students apply all projects to the design of an art education technology unit that supports national and state Art Education curriculum standards. Required for BS Art Education majors; recommended for BFA/MAT Art Education majors. Falls. Prerequisite(s): Junior status or (AE 2000, AE 3050 and/or AE 3060). (TECO)

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.