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AR 3340 - Letterpress Workshop: The Art of Text
Credits: 3
Long before the advent of typewriters and word processors, printed text was set by hand, using wood and/or lead type, which printers would set letter by letter, character by character. In this hands-on course, students have the unique opportunity to explore this "old school" technology through a series of creative projects. Working both individually and collaboratively, students not only learn how to set type and print text; they also write these texts themselves. The first part focuses on creating the texts; the second part focuses on setting type and printing. Students are introduced to basic concepts of type and text design, the history of print technology and the impact it has had on reading and writing, how to work in a print shop studio environment, and more broadly, the interdisciplinary connections between the literary text and the visual text. Spring of odd years. Prerequisite(s): Junior status. (INCO)

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.