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CM 3510 - Communication, Media, and Wellness
Credits: 3
Contemporary scholars suggest we have entered a second media age that has transformed how human beings live their lives and use their minds. With the sophistication of mass media and technological advancements infiltrating our everyday existence, human beings are experiencing a technological super-saturation of their interiority. Examines leisure from historical, philosophical, phenomenological, and cultural perspectives. A distinction between leisure and recreation is central to understanding the value of leisure in our everyday lives. Illuminates the connection between the mind and body, the theory and practice of leisure, and the contribution that leisure makes to our human lives. Leisure cultivates life experiences that promote individual potential, inner transformation, and one's ability to participate in community. Emphasizes leisure as a communicative mode of wellness for a lifetime. Falls. Prerequisite(s): CM 2000. (WECO)

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.