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EN 4600 - Travels
Credits: 3
Advanced Study in Literature and Film. Intensive study of travelers' tales which blend descriptive journalism, history, cultural criticism, autobiography/memoir, social observation and meditative or philosophical reflection into narratives driven by the need to understand and recapture the remembered experience and meaning of the journey. Students examine questions of individual and cultural identity, self and society, issues of powers and symbolic action, the interrelationships of art and place, of the past and the present and of the present upon the past; the problems of reliable observers, the reliability of narrative, the role of transforming movement through place and of social estrangement in the struggle for social order and human creativity. Not open to students who earned credit for Travel Literature. Fall of odd years. Prerequisite(s): Junior status. (INCO)

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.