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SW 4450 - Social Work Practicum: Health Services
Credits: 12
This is a pass/fail course
The practicum engages students in 450 hours of supervised social work practice and provides opportunities to apply classroom learning in the field setting. This practicum is for students in the Health Services Option and includes hospitals, hospices, medical clinics, including family planning clinics and neighborhood clinics, health maintenance organizations (HMO's), nursing homes and health organizations. These settings fall under public, private-nonprofit and for-profit auspices. Diverse services are provided such as maternal and child health services, hospital discharge planning, hospice care, AIDS clinics and support groups related to specific diseases. Placement occurs in the senior year; taken concurrently with SW 4550. The practicum is arranged on an individualized basis in consultation with the faculty Field Education Director. Transfer credit cannot be applied to the Practicum. Paid field placements are prohibited. In special circumstances, with the permission of the Field Education Director, students may secure a stipend or scholarship from the field agency. Existing paid employment cannot qualify as a field placement. For majors only. Pass/No Pass. Springs. Prerequisite(s): permission of Field Education Director. Corequisite(s): SW 4550.

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.