Course Details

Health and Mental Health Studies Minor

15 credits

The minor in Health and Mental Health Studies gives students the opportunity to study the role of individuals, families, community, industry, and government in the health and well-being of individuals and nations. It examines epidemiological and behavioral health trends, service delivery models, and disparities in health and mental health in a comparative, global context. National and international approaches to health and mental health policy are also examined.



SW 3050 Perspectives on Aging (WECO) 3
SW 3250 Families, Schools, and Community 3
SW 3300 Mental Health and Society (GACO) 3
SW 3500 Health and Society (GACO) (WECO) 3
Complete one of the following: 3
SW 2500 Human Biology for Social Workers and the Social Sciences
SW 3800 Social Work Internship (only available Winterim or summer)

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.