Community College Students

Are you a NH Community College Student and wondering how to transfer your current credits to Plymouth State University to complete a 4 year degree? Plymouth State University offers easy transfers from the NH Community College System.

  • Transfer Agreements: PSU has agreements with several Community Colleges in which courses taken there will satisfy requirements for different 4 year degree programs at PSU.
  • 2+2 Agreements: Require completion of the associate degree before proceeding into the bachelor degree work. The list of Colleges that participate in this program is online.
  • New Hampshire Transfer Connections Program: Offers guaranteed acceptance to PSU for students meeting certain requirements.  See below for more information about this program.

What Are The Transfer Application Requirements?

  • A completed PSU Transfer Application, OR Common Application and fee, OR NH Transfer Connections Application (available to you if you are currently enrolled at a NH Community College)
  • Official copy of high school transcript or GED with graduation date
  • Official copies of all college transcripts, including grades from most recent semester completed, and cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0 based on a 4.0 scale on the final transcript from the institution you are currently attending or last attended (required for consideration)
  • A well-written essay on one of the subjects listed on the application

How do credits get transferred?

After you are accepted, courses from regionally-accredited, degree-granting institutions will be evaluated by the PSU Undergraduate Studies Office. For a course to be transferred, it must have a grade of ‘C’ or better. A course must include subject matter that is at least equal to the content level of course work offered at PSU and be appropriate for your degree program. The unit of credit at PSU is the semester hour, and most courses carry three semester hours of credit. Read more about transferring courses to Plymouth.

You will receive an evaluation form listing transferred courses and how the approved credits will be applied to your degree program. If you are still taking courses at the time of acceptance, you will receive another evaluation following final transcript review by the Undergraduate Studies Office.

If currently enrolled in coursework, transfer students are responsible for submitting a final, official transcript that includes the last semester’s course work and the final, cumulative GPA prior to enrollment

Do you want to see if your college-level courses will transfer to Plymouth? Use our Transfer Credit Database.

New Hampshire Transfer Connections Program

The New Hampshire Transfer Connections Program allows you to build a strong academic foundation at a New Hampshire community college then transfer those skills to one of Plymouth’s many programs.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Lower costs offer savings during the first year
  • Regular contact with the PSU Admissions staff
  • Easy transfer with no additional application or fee

You must meet the following requirements to receive guaranteed acceptance:

  • Earn at least 24 college-level credits with a minimum GPA of 2.8, with no grade below a C
  • Take at least four courses (three credits each) each semester
  • As part of the 24 required credits, students must take part in:
    • First-year English composition
    • A laboratory science course
    • A mathematics course through algebra II, finite mathematics, or statistics
  • Remedial coursework does not count towards the 24 required credits

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Lydia MortonEnvironmental Science & Policy

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