Transfer FAQ

As a transfer student, you probably have questions about a number of important issues. The list below will answer many of those questions. You’ll also find a link below for someone to contact about the transfer process.

1.     How do I apply for admission to Plymouth State?

You’ll want to complete the online Common Application and submit it to the Admissions Office. See our Transfer Application Requirements.

2.     What do I do with my transcripts from other institutions I’ve attended?

For all previous schools you’ve attended, you should request that official copies of your college transcripts be sent to the PSU Admissions Office. For more information about transferring courses, visit Undergraduate Studies: Transferring Credit.

3.     How will I know which of my courses will transfer to PSU?

You can use our Transfer Course Database to see if your college-level courses transfer to PSU.

4.     Who will evaluate my transfer credits and apply them to my Plymouth State major?

After you are accepted, the Office of Undergraduate Studies evaluates all transfer courses from regionally-accredited, degree granting institutions. Via your PSU email account, you will receive an evaluation of how your credits apply to major requirements, General Education requirements, and electives.

5.     Is there a limit to how many transfer credits I can bring to Plymouth State?

Plymouth State will accept up to 90 credits earned at both 2-year and 4-year institutions. You have to have a grade of C or higher in any course you want to transfer.

6.     Will my grade point average from other institutions count toward my Plymouth GPA?

No, only the credits completed at other institutions transfer to PSU, not grades. Your Plymouth GPA is determined by your PSU grades. Read more about transfer policies at Undergraduate Studies: Transferring Credit.

7.     How can I earn credit by exam?

Students may earn a maximum of 30 credits through credit-by-examination. The credits may be earned by successfully completing nationally standardized examinations (AP, CLEP, DANTES) or by completing an examination administered by a PSU academic department.

8.     I currently attend one of New Hampshire’s community colleges. How will my credits/degree fit with my Plymouth State major?

You can see which of your courses meet specific PSU General Education requirements as well as all of our current 2+2 Agreements and Transfer Agreements with the CCSNH schools at Undergraduate Studies: Transferring Credit.

In addition, contains many recommended transfer programs that show how your credits apply to PSU majors.

9.     Can I get credit for my military experience?

You may receive two Physical Education credits if you have served on full-time duty in the armed services for at least one year (12 consecutive months) by submitting a copy of your DD214. You can also submit Military Program AARTS transcripts for transfer credit consideration.

10.  I’d like to speak to someone directly about my questions. Who can I contact?

Please feel free to call Tony Trodella, Associate Director of Transfer Admissions, at 603-535-2239, email or visit the Admissions Office for help with your transfer-related questions.

Outstanding Students

Ava Tyler

Ava Tyler


More About Ava

What do you like best about your major/academic program?

“I love that the professors are so willing to get to know me and help me out in avenues outside of their classroom. They want to see me succeed. Their excitement and energy about the subject matter is contagious.”

What is your favorite place to hang out on campus? Off campus?

“On campus my favorite place is definitely the HUB. There is always something going on there, even in the dead of winter! When I’m off campus I love hiking and with so many hikes close it is hard to pick just one favorite.”

If you could choose one favorite thing about going to school here, what would it be?

“Location: You can’t ask for better east coast skiing. With three mountains so close it is possible to go to class in the morning and head up to the mountain for some afternoon skiing. Every outdoor recreational activity you could possibly want to do is possible in Plymouth, be it hiking, rock climbing, or paddling. Being two hours outside of Boston is also key—it’s nice to have city life close too if you need a weekend escape.”