The Annual Fund

The Plymouth State Annual Fund is one of the University’s highest fundraising priorities. When alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends give to the Annual Fund, they increase critical student scholarship funds, strengthen the educational experience, expand opportunities for service and engagement, and support the day-to-day operations that allow the University to fulfill its mission.

The Annual Fund comprises four main areas of support. The Fund for Plymouth State (unrestricted giving) and Student Scholarships directly support the university’s operating budget and are key initiatives within the Annual Fund. Gifts to academic departments and athletics provide additional funding to enhance those specific programs and experiences.

The Fund for Plymouth State

Unrestricted gifts directly support the university’s operating budget and provide the flexibility to direct vital resources to the areas of greatest need and impact. When you make an unrestricted gift to The Fund for Plymouth State your support sustains and strengthens the University’s core programs, such as financial aid, faculty development and research, library resources, student life, and more.

Student Scholarships

Your gift to support undergraduate and graduate student scholarships enables students to attend Plymouth State, thereby enriching life on campus, and using their Plymouth State education to transform communities and businesses around the globe. Scholarship support provides students with financial grounding that allows them access to a quality, affordable education.

Scholarship funds are typically awarded to students with the highest financial need and disbursed via PSU’s Financial Aid Office.

Academic Departments

If you’re an alumna/us, there may be a special place in your heart for your department or major. Or perhaps there’s an area of study you’d like to support. Gifts to academic departments ensure students and professors within that department are given a chance to embrace their full potential. Your gift may be used to purchase educational resources or equipment, to attend professional development opportunities, to enhance the curriculum, and ensure that students have a valuable and relevant experience in the classroom.


Each year, more than 750 Plymouth State student-athletes, athletic trainers, and support staff—representing 20 varsity teams—take to the fields, courts, ice, slopes, mat, pool, and course. These men and women are committed to giving their best during the season and in the classroom, and it shows in the high number of students who receive All-Academic Team, President’s List, and Dean’s List honors each semester.

These triumphs would not be possible without financial support from alumni, parents, and friends. Your gift to Panther Athletics, whether it be to a specific team or the general athletics fund, is used to meet immediate programmatic needs, such as investing in technologies that position teams for success, supporting team travel costs, purchasing new equipment, and more.

Why are Annual Fund gifts needed?

Plymouth State receives funding from three main sources: budget appropriations from the state of New Hampshire; tuition and fees; and private support. The allocation Plymouth State receives from the state of New Hampshire provides just 8 percent of Plymouth State’s operating budget and tuition and fees account for only a portion of the actual cost of educating a student. Your gifts to the Annual Fund help to bridge that gap and put the Plymouth Experience within reach for deserving, motivated, and talented students—more than 80 percent of whom receive financial assistance from the University.

Each year’s Annual Fund campaign includes mail, e-mail, and the Annual Fund Calling Program. The Annual Fund Calling Program supports current students and faculty by generating private support from Plymouth State’s alumni and friends in a manner that furthers the long-term, positive relationship each person called has with Plymouth State. Student callers appreciate the opportunity to personally thank alumni and friends for their financial support and connect people with the Plymouth State University of today.

Does my participation really matter?

Yes! Gifts of all sizes are important and, when combined with other gifts from alumni and friends, have a tremendous impact on students’ lives. Most importantly, your gift demonstrates your belief in Plymouth State, in our students, and in the educational experience we offers. Every gift matters.

What counts toward the Annual Fund total?

Any gift that supports our current fiscal year programs and expenses counts toward Plymouth State’s Annual Fund total, including gifts to The Fund for Plymouth State, Student Scholarships, Athletics, Academic Departments, and other “current use” funds. Gifts to endowment and to capital projects are another significant component of overall giving to Plymouth State, but are not considered part of the Annual Fund.

When should I make my gift?

The Plymouth State Annual Fund fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Any gift received during this time period counts toward the current fiscal year’s goals. Many donors choose to make their gifts closer to the end of the calendar year to take advantage of available IRS tax benefits; however, your gift is welcome at any time.

Does Plymouth State offer a matching gift program?

Plymouth State welcomes matching gifts. If your employer offers a matching gift program, you may be able to double or triple your gift to Plymouth State. Contact your company’s Human Resources Office to obtain a matching gift form that you can submit with your gift to Plymouth State or visit

Do you have additional questions about the Annual Fund?

Contact Sam Wisel ’12, annual fund coordinator, at (603) 535-2588.