Advancement Scholarship Application

This on-line application is for all six scholarships that are selected by the Advancement Scholarship Selection Committee: William S. Belvin Scholarship; J. Philip and Eva M. Duguay Scholarship; Harold E. Hyde Scholarship; Imagine A way Scholarship; Forrest Martin and Opal Marie Steen Scholarship; and the Ann L. Wharton Scholarship.  Students may receive only one of the advancement awards in any academic year.

  1. Please fill out the information on this scholarship application.
  2. You must upload an essay (one page) that describes how you fit the scholarship criteria and why you make a good candidate for your selected scholarship. Include information on any special abilities, leadership positions held, honors received, participation in co-curricular activities, or other qualifications that should be considered.
  3. You must have a PSU faculty or staff member email or mail a letter of recommendation to Barbara Adams; or MSC 50.
  4. The final step of the application process is to complete a request for an official transcript to be mailed to Advancement Scholarships at MSC 50.

This application for advancement scholarships will re-open on January 1.