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Gold Level
Bruce W. Wiggett Jr.
Janette Trickett Wiggett

Sterling Level
Adam V. DeChristopher
George H. Gauthier
John M. McLaughlin Jr.

Tower Level
Keith E. Fiore
James Freda Jr.

Suzanne Lassonde Carmichael
Heather M. Plater
Mia Poliquin Pross
Erik O. Solberg


Sterling Level
Stefanie L. Miller
Minot Powers IV

Tower Level
Amy Geldert Bono
Ricky D. Desharnais
Melissa Dunstan Levin
Courtney O’Sullivan Prenata
Ryan B. Rush

Robyn N. Morse


Gold Level
James A. Stacy

Sterling Level
Anthony M. Egan
Rebekah J. Gonzalez
Maida T. Velez-Kopet
Scott A. Wearley

Tower Level
Dennis J. Borcuk Jr.
Karla J. Conroy
Holly A. Furlone
Timothy J. Hersey
Megan Wolfley Holton
Russell A. Massahos

Susan I. Chauvette
Richard H. Saucier Jr.
Keri L. Sayer
Holly A. Soucy
Shaun P. Spaulding


Sterling Level
Daniel P. Craig
Ichiro Kitano

Tower Level
Jeffrey C. Furlone
Christopher S. Holton

Charles A. Caldwell
Ryan W. Cassidy
Eileen Rice Jordan
Stephen R. Jordan
Michael R. Kalbfell
Katie West Scambio
Dakota G. Smith


Platinum Level
Linda S. Levy
Vladimir Vascak

Gold Level
Liesl M. Lindley

Sterling Level
Douglas W. Martin

Tower Level
Laura L. Brusseau
Angel A. Ekstrom
Peter D. Rowan

Nancy Barcelos
Joshua P. Cooney
Deborah McBee
Jesse J. Truman
Linda A. Wirth


Barbara Dearborn Club
Scott M. Nalette

Tower Level
Roger E. Blake
Patrick F. Cate
Richard J. Ciardi Jr.
Mark J. Halloran
Joseph L. Iannelli
Ann M. Palumbo
Dina B. Weber

Nicholas K. Pelotte


Sterling Level
Michael D. Currier

Tower Level
Kevin W. Boutilier
Nancy J. Edgar-Howard
Laura A. Ellis
Susan A. Mellow

Annette C. Beaudoin
Steven B. Rothenberg


Sterling Level
Rachel M. Hersey

Tower Level

Jesse K. Bopp
Alisa M. Buckley
Ryan C. Morash
Jacqueline M. Morin
Michael W. Sullivan
Michael F. Walcek


Sterling Level
Andrew P. Cary

Tower Level
Christopher J. Broom Jr.
Gregory T. Grieco

Ryan J. Dobens
Brandon M. Hodge
Jessica D. Janaitis
Donna L. Rainville


Barbara Dearborn Club
Doreen J. Burrows +
Hope A. Jordan +
Eugene P. Martin +
Barbara A. Wirth +

Tower Level
Nicholas D. Palumbo

Dawn L. Alexander-Tapper
Michele A. Doherty
Wendy J. Dziedzic
Nicholas R. Lancaster
Elizabeth S. Page
John P. Pogorzelski
Jean E. Robins
Janelle M. Sprague
Elisa Yeung

+ Represents individuals who initiated their philanthropic support of PSU during their senior year.  In recognition of their dedication and support, the Tower Fund began a program for early induction into the Barbara Dearborn Society.

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls.  If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, Office of University Advancement, at kito@plymouth.edu, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.