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*Denotes 20 or more years of giving to Plymouth State.


Gold Level
Barbara Hoyt Matava*

Sterling Level
Joann Weeks Bailey*
Henry L. Bremner*
Timothy B. Connell*
Anthony Guarino Jr.

Tower Level
Harry W. Peach
Jean Dodge Saltmarsh*


Sterling Level
Gordon C. Comstock*
Rita Blaney Guarino

Tower Level
Jane Trumbull Clark*
Helen LaPlante Duchesne*

D. Emily Waymouth Brown
Ruth Murdough Gerini*
Joanne Howe Moulton


Gold Level
Harold H. Matava*

Sterling Level
Peter Brown*
Daisy Hussey Day*
Alan E. Rich*
Steve J. Tassey
Mary Bortree Taylor*
Albert W. Wilson*

Tower Level
Malcolm A. Merrill*
Ida Jones Wheeler*

Eileen Parent Clark*
Barbara Stevens Larsen*


Gold Level
Elizabeth Potter Drew*

Sterling Level
Ernest W. Beals*
Marjorie Miltimore Covill*
Richard D. Gale
Katherine Marcotte MacDonald*
Dorothy Slack Sorensen*

Tower Level
Roma Eaton Wing*

Paul H. Magoon*
Sally Ayer Rossetti*


Sterling Level
Shirley Dutton Babb*

Tower Level
David M. Dole*
Eleanor Corbett Lyons*


Gold Level
Marion Stratton Haley*

Sterling Level
Arnold A. Adams*
Elizabeth Anderson Bilodeau*
Robert E. Jackson*
E. Lorraine Avery Johnstone*
Robert A. Knowles*
The late Samuel W. Smith*
Arlene Parent Welch*

Tower Level
Elizabeth Hayward Batchelder*
Ann Woodward Kaiser*
Beverly Ashley Zampieri

Claire Bernier Dorr*
Laura MacNeill Gross*
Natalie Bergeron Wheaton*


President’s Circle
Joan Doyon Savage*

Barbara Dearborn Club
Dennis C. Dearborn*

Sterling Level
Edythe Grant Adams*
Catherine Enos Carter
Roberta Moore Day*
Joyce Philbrick MacDonald*
Marion Stone MacNeill*

Tower Level
Joan Parsons Kenney*
Martina Day Stever*

Mary Hakenson Drader*
Patricia Jones Kovalik
Jean French Plourde*
Eleanor Savage Yoder*


Gold Level
Patricia Heath Caswell*
Thomas J. Monahan

Sterling Level
Shirley Croteau Brown*
Harold L. Eichel*
Donald R. Evans*
Glenda Moody Evans*
Eleanor DiBuono Poulin*
Nancy Ross Stearns*

Tower Level
Elizabeth Smith Bass*
Lucile George Finn*
Janet Carriel Tibbetts*

Raymond L. Brunelle*
John R. Hodsdon*
Reginald C. LaCasse


President’s Circle
Eugene A. Savage*

Barbara Dearborn Club
Peter F. Graham*

Gold Level
Carol Stone Simpson*

Sterling Level
Carol Willis Aldrich*
Louise M. Archambault*
Constance Tierney Cornwell
Bernice Burlock Doane*
Francis J. Gray*
Irene MacDonald Haskell
Jean Routhier O’Shea*
Lawrence H. Presby
Paul E. Seavey
Richard P. Truchon*
Janet Trefethen Walsh

Tower Level
Barbara Hays Metivier*
Linda Cote Morrow
F. Andre Paquette
Oscar J. Serard
Walda Szopa*
Anthony B. Urban*

Beverly Richard Ashnault*
George A. Corrette II*
Shirley Solari Corrette*
The late Shirley Brown Coulter
Gertrude Merrill Greenwood*
Arnold J. Gross*
Lois Kretschmar Lindh*
Joan Ruel MacDonald*
Ann Boucher McCarthy*
Richard T. McCarthy*


Sterling Level
Sheila G. Allard Arold Wentworth*
Shirley Barron Belisle*
Carol Glenz Boyatsis*
Evans T. Boyatsis*
Francis W. Bruni*
Sally Lehan Bruni*
Elizabeth MacDonald Derby*
Donald F. Dimick
Joyce March Dimick
Sylvia Lounder Heikkila*
Viola E. Huntoon*
Alma Breton Johnson
Simone Hebert Thurston*
Roland P. Vigneault*

Tower Level
Alice Murdough Dole*
Marie Mitchell Doran
Norma Woodard Green*
Sally Stevens Liu*

H. James Ackroyd*
Charles E. Barry*
Anita Barton MacDonald*
Richard E. Millen*
Alice Brown Conway Moody

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls.  If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, Office of University Advancement, at kito@plymouth.edu, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.