We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations that made non-cash gifts to Plymouth State University between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.

Anonymous (4)
Catherine S. Amidon
Diane M. Anderson
William G. ’62 & Sharon Langlois Andrews ’62
Norton R. Bagley ’41
Kobit W. Beaver
Biederman’s Deli
Donna Bolian
Margaret E. Burckes-Miller
Wendy L. Burnham ’04G
Burrito Me
Larry Cohen
Cheryl A. Coker
Constance Crooker
James Day
Nancy DeForge
Stephanie M. Demers ’12
Frank Denson
Downtown Pizza
Dunkin’ Donuts
Carl L. Dworman
Evergreen Embroidery
Joan Eversole
Paul Faison
Judy Faran
Follett Higher Education Group
Jon G. Fox
Eva H. Gemmill
Gary E. & Lynn Goodnough ’98G
Larry Goss
Thaddeus C. Guldbrandsen
Dick & Sandra Hamilton
Hannaford of Plymouth
Philip C. Haskell ’81 & Terri L. Johnson ’79
James T. Holland
Donald E. Howard
Gonzalo Isidro-Bruno
Stephen M. King ’86
Lakes Region Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Kevin B. Mack ’12
Manuel & Gloria M. Marquez-Sterling
Jason C. Medici ’11
MegaPrint, Inc.
Romeo C. Melloni
Meredith Village Savings Bank
Marilyn Currie Mons ’61
Dana P. ’69 & Lee Richman Nelson ’72
Northway Bank
Thomas M. O’Donnell
Olympus Biotech Corporation
Owl’s Nest Golf Club
Panther Pub and Grille
Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
PopTops Company Inc.
The late Warren Priest
Nancy J. Puglisi ’81G & Sandra L. Ray
Rhino Bike Works
Frances Woodard Richardson ’62, ’73G
Roger C. Richardson
Alice C. Richmond
Michael Seeger
Barbara Smith
Stadium System, Inc.
Gene F. ’62 & Roberta Wallace Stearns ’61
Sweet Kathy’s Ice Cream Parlor & Candy Store
Thai Smile
Raymond Turmelle
Ruth Underwood
Nicholas C. ’76 & Mary Ann Vailas
Howard R. Webber
John R. Wood
Harold David Zehr & BJ Foster-Zehr