Barbara Dearborn Club

Honoring gifts of $1,000-$2,499

* = 20 Years of Giving
# = Heritage Society Member

Roger O. Babin ’74 and Kathryn Scalzo-Babin ’92
Stephen P. and Gail A. Barba
Gino J. and Cheryl L. Baroni
Jeffrey F. and Geri Bartlett
Jeffrey C. Barton ’82 and Elyse Baney-Barton ’82
William and Elizabeth Hayward Batchelder ’55*
Richard A. ’75 and Judith Hessler Blood ’84*
Robert J. ’96 and Tracey Chamberlain Boucher ’94
Jay S. Buckley III
Gerard E. Buteau ’86, ’92
Ryan S. Carr ’00
Frank L. Cocchiarella ’92*
Michael F. Conklin and Deborah R. Reynolds
Woolsey and Beatrice K. Conover
Lance Cramer
William R. Crangle and Lee Webster
Elizabeth A. Daily
Terri L. Dautcher and Tom J. Martin
Alan R. and Susan S. Davis
George E. ’63 and Jean T. Davis*
Dennis C. Dearborn ’56*
Mitzi Dearborn and Ernest May
Deborah White Degnan ’72*
Mark A. and Frances J. Douglas
George U. and Audrey A. Epstein
Paul L. and Gisela B. Estes
John T. and Donna S. Fallon
Suzanne M. Fitzgerald ’95#
David R. Fletcher ’65
Allan W. and Judy T. Fulkerson
Scott M. Gillman ’08 and Katherine M. Tardif
Stephen H. Gorin and Cynthia D. Moniz
John M. and Elizabeth H. Hart
Sally C. Holland
Andrew W. Kerr ’81
Harry S. and Sarah A. Kinter
Malcolm A. Lackey ’73, ’86 and Kari L. Richardson ’83, ’87#
Roberta Beaudoin Lamb ’82*
Arthur J. ’67 and Janet Fagnant Learned ’66*
Patricia L. Lindberg
Michael J. Long ’75#
Sidney Lovett
Gary S. ’92 and Elizabeth M. Lowe
David B. ’69, ’73 and Kathleen Collins McCabe ’69, ’87, ’01*#
Louise Samaha McCormack ’72*
Jeffrey C. ’91 and Linda Sargent Meade ’92
David and Gail F. Mears ’76
Edgar R. ’68 and Joyce H. Melanson*#
Margaret Dickinson Miller ’62
Frank H. Moore ’86
AnnMarie ’11 and Glen Morse
Kenneth C. ’73 and Jacqueline McKeen Moulton ’73, ’02
Mark J. and Marla J. Okrant
Nicholas K. Pelotte ’05
Dorothy D. Peterson
David A. ’85 and Monica B. Poulin
Jane D. Poulin ’84#
Ed and Nancy Roberts
John E. and Susan W. Scheinman
Patricia P. Schlesinger
Ronald and Eleesa M. Sibley
Joseph A. St. Martin ’87
Christopher M. ’96 and Kari Therriault Steffanci ’95
Thomas and Susan C. Stepp
Donald H. ’84, ’98 and Arlene Scadova Stoppe ’83
Donald N. Sweet ’75*
Stephen J. Taksar and Laure A. Morris
James and Linda Tuscano
George F. Tuthill
William and Jean M. Verplanck
Barbara Demmett Webb ’65 and Gordon M. Webb*
Edward J. Jr. ’69, ’93 and Jane Bartlett Welch ’70*
Howie and Sue Wemyss
Eldwin A. and Marilyn B. Wixson*
John A. and Patricia A. Worthen
Suzanne Savage Yeatts

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, University Advancement Office, at, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.