Gold Level


* = 20 Years of Giving
# = Heritage Society Member

Anonymous (2)
Robert S. Annand
Grace M. Bartlett ’74
Roger W. Beaudoin ’56*
Gale Beckwith ’11
William and Christy Belvin#
Christopher T. ’86 and Diane E. Benoit
David M. Bergeron ’79
James F. ’87 and Lisa Schuler Birge ’90
Quentin and Marcia S. Blaine
Steven J. and Anna W. Bliss
Janet C. Boisvert#
Ruth Gilman Bolduc ’46*
Harry H. Briggs
Scott A. Burns ’92
Enid R. Burrows
Robert J. and Karen E. Burton
Michael W. Byrne
William J. Campbell ’65*
Timothy G. Carrigan ’04
Patricia Heath Caswell ’57*
Charles B. Caulkins ’85*
Christopher C. and Heather F. Chabot
John E. ’04 and Kelly A. Clark
Shirley Crewe Cobb ’59*
Kenneth B. ’78 and Jamie Burton Cody ’79*
Steven E. Cote ’80
Catherine A. Crane ’73, ’92, ’02*
Patricia A. Crowder
Kevin A. Danie ’84
William A. and Linda S. Dauer ’10
Peter J. Dill ’81
David L. and Linda Click Dillard ’74
Michael C. Dionne ’88
Frances McGrath Dolloph ’70*
Katherine C. Donahue
Kirsten Carter Drozdowski ’85
Richard Dryer
Arthur A. Jr. ’71 and Michele Clancy Dunn ’74*
Joshua B. ’03 and Jill Lempicki Egan ’99
Robert G. Egbert Jr. and Kathleen M. Cuddy-Egbert ’77, ’82, ’06
Michael L. and Reine Fischler ’79
Lorilee R. Fish ’68
Ronald C. Fisher ’88
William P. Foye ’90
Michael J. Frank and Kelly E. Papa-Frank
Richard A. Garabedian ’62*
Victor and Mary-Catherine C. Gennaro
Dewey J. ’88 and Stacy Brabitz Gile ’90
Donald J. Goldberg ’80
Patricia Stopkie Gosselin ’64*
Richard and Julia A. Gottlieb
Philip C. Haskell ’81 and Terri L. Johnson ’79*
Geoffrey O. Heath ’91
Paul R. Higgins ’89
Nancy F. Hogan
Annette M. Holba
Karen Bourque Jancsy ’88, ’91 and Patrick Jancsy
Diane Jeffrey ’97
Donald P. Jennings ’00
Dorothy Goode Kaffel ’52#
Suzanne Keach
Timothy C. ’79 and Susan M. Keefe ’81*
Patricia Spencer Kelley ’73*
Thomas A. Kidder ’67*
William D. Kietzman
John C. Krueckeberg and Mary M. Cornish
Alfred R. Laberge ’73
Peter L. Land ’84, ’90*
Bruce H. and Patricia A. Langley
Joyce C. Larson ’11
Terri J. Lessard ’76, ’96*
Linda S. Levy ’04
Liesl M. Lindley ’04
John W. Logsdon
Evan M. Lowery ’08
John A. ’70 and Lisa Mainguy*
John J. ’90 and Martha E. Marrapese
Eugene P. Martin ’09
Bernard L. ’65 and Charlotte L. Mason*
Harold H. ’52 and Barbara Hoyt Matava ’50*
Bernard J. McCarthy ’71, ’74*
Laurie and Ginny McCoy
William E. McEvoy
Dennis P. ’73 and Deborah S. McManus ’82
Kathryn Stratton Morris ’61*
Cynthia L. Morrison and Christian Hallowell
Dorothy Donigian Nazarian ’62*
Dana P. ’69 and Lee Richman Nelson ’72*
Sheila Linehan Nudd ’69*
Alice S. O’Connor
Daniel M. ’82 and Rachel Kneeland Owens ’83
Robyn E. Parker
Seth M. Peloso ’99
Carol Shull Perkins
Heidi E. Pettigrew ’99, ’07, ’11 and Paula A. Currie
Minot Powers IV ’01
Gaynelle Richardson Pratt ’71*
Lawrence H. Presby ’58
Timothy J. and Noreen A. Quill
Frances Woodard Richardson ’62, ’73*
Philip A. ’74 and Suzan D. Rowe
William H. ’61 and Joyce M. Savage*
June L. Schlabach
Kurt A. Schroeder and Elaine L. Melquist
The “Shine” Connection
Robert C. Simpson
Francis C. and Donna Slaski
Allan B. Smith ’89
Paul and Valerie A. Soucie
James A. Stacy ’02
Gene F. ’62 and Roberta Wallace Stearns ’61*#
Joseph G. ’63 and Marilyn Krieger Stearns ’71
Beth E. Stewart ’76*
James W. Stiles
Melissa A. Stockbridge ’99
Daniel J. ’83 and Patricia Donnelly Sullivan ’82, ’12
Andrew Supplee
Steve J. Tassey ’52
Richard P. Sr. ’64 and Joanne Crowley Tilton ’63, ’72*
Anthony M. Trodella
Jesse J. Truman ’04
Angela Weisl
Gordon W. Whitcher ’61
Bruce W. Jr. ’00 and Janette Trickett Wiggett ’00
Matthew B. Wilhelm ’04
Albert W. Wilson ’52*#
Samuel D. Wisel ’12
Guy T. Wisinski ’85
Michael C. ’88 and Tricia Witherspoon
Anthony G. Zographos ’70*

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, University Advancement Office, at, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.