Platinum Level

Honoring gifts of $500-$999

* = 20 Years of Giving
# = Heritage Society Member

Anonymous (3)
Ernest W. Beals ’53*
Amy Bagley Begg ’97
Michael P. Beliveau ’83
Richard J. ’94 and Jennifer Brenner
Cindy L. Brumfield
Robert and Karen Buckley
Friends of Matt Budrow ’05
Wilbur W. Callender
John P. ’71, ’73 and Maureen Marquis Clark ’73*
Peter S. Cofran ’74, ’88*
Contoocook Men’s Softball League
Michael J. Corey ’74*
Diane J. Cotter ’94
Scott R. and Tabitha J. Coykendall ’07
Ronald W. ’62 and Priscilla Crowe*
Irene M. Cucina
John L. ’67 and Kathleen M. Daly*#
Virginia Brown Doherty ’48*#
Elizabeth Potter Drew ’53*
Rodney A. ’09 and Angel A. Ekstrom ’04
Edna C. Elle
Richard A. Fagnant ’57*
Paul J. Federico ’71*
Douglas D. Fife
David H. Frobey
Michael R. ’73, ’76 and Janice Lamere Gallagher ’74*
Adrienne Garland
James L. and Donna-Belle Garvin
Sally E. Gavin ’67*
Steven P. ’76 and Patricia Young Giguere ’76*
Bruce and Kristin Gokey
Hugh and Mary P. Goodman
Bruce Randy Haas ’74
Joyce P. Hemond ’92
Lance D. Hill ’95
Paul T. Hogan ’79, ’88*
Paul J. Jr. and Anna Grace Holloway*
Christine Holman
Edward M. and Marguerite Jeffs
Theodora J. Kalikow
Walter Kelly ’80*
Timothy L. Kershner
Edmund ’82 and Nancy Holly Kidder ’84
Enna Kutz
Lucas Lawrence-Hurt
Tobey R. ’74 and Lucy Apthorp Leske*
Lisa Carafa Lewis ’98, ’12
Joanne Smith Lockwood ’86, ’80*
Eleanor Morehouse Loesch ’65*
John H. and Susan Lynch
James E. Mahoney
William A. Massey
Duncan C. and Shirley K. McDougall ’94
Bryon D. Middlekauff and Julie A. DeGalan ’91*
Paul F. Jr. and Ella W. Miller
Salina L. Millora ’04
Chris and Cynthia L. Mongeon ’09, ’11
Claira Pirozzi Monier ’62*#
Rebecca S. and Timothy T. More
Irene Martinez Mosedale ’76, ’84, ’05*
William K. Nelson
Kathleen Norris ’98
Robert L. Nugent ’65*
Theodore J. ’60 and Marlene Newton Parker ’63
Jeffrey N. Plant ’72*
Steven L. Plant
Thomas J. Proulx ’75*
Andrea Bergeron Sbona ’81
Mark A. Seiler ’89
Wayne P. ’72 and Paulette Darcy Semprini ’72
Scott A. and Meagan K. Shedd
Dorothy Slack Sorensen ’53*
Craig A. Souza ’87*#
Charles W. Still ’78
Diane Tillotson Tiffany ’76 and Richard D. Tiffany
William J. Tirone ’72, ’81 and Gwen Blair*
Bryant F. Jr. and Carolyn K. Tolles
John D. Troy ’82
John H. Tucker ’87
Vladimir ’04 and Cynthia W. Vascak
Michael D. and Donna G. Ventura
William and Bonnie Webb
Kenneth Wheeler Jr.
Richard E. ’63 and Mary Bateman Wylie ’64*#
Stacey G. Yap and Peng-Khuan Chong
Harold David Zehr and BJ Foster-Zehr

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, University Advancement Office, at, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.