Alyssa Boehm ’15

Alyssa Boehm ’15 remembers vividly the moment she fell in love with Plymouth State… she was in middle school, on a White Mountains camping trip with her family when they passed through Plymouth. She remembers driving past the library, seeing the Mary Lyon green, and thinking that it looked like home.

Now, Alyssa is a second-year student pursuing a degree in history and dreams of working in a museum. She works as a student caller with the Annual Fund to help pay her tuition and because she sees it as an opportunity to give back to the University. Alyssa says the best part of the job is talking with alumni and learning about their experiences at Plymouth State (well, she is a history major!).

As as student who depends on financial aid and scholarships, Alyssa knows that every gift – whether it is $10 or $10,000 – provides immediate support to students. She’s learned that when alumni give back, they do it to make a difference in students’ lives and because they feel their alma mater gave them so much.

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