Alumni Stories

Submitted by Angelica (Mele) Ladd ’05

Angelica and Dan on their wedding day, in front of Mary Lyon Hall.

What’s your most treasured Plymouth State memory?

If I had to choose one memory, I suppose that it would be making new friends as a freshman. There was just such a surge of confidence that came with my new beginning at Plymouth State, and I will always carry that with me.

How do you show your Panther Pride?

Every time that I hear someone say they are an alumna/us or they are starting at Plymouth State, I make it a point to introduce myself. I am such a Plymouth State fan and I share my experience with strangers, who are just friends I haven’t met yet, at every opportunity.

Did you find your match on campus?

Dan Ladd (’05) and I met on the porch of Blair Hall in our first month on campus. We became fast friends and by November of 2001 we were a couple. On November 7, 2008, Dan and I returned to Plymouth and eloped in the bandstand of the Town Common. After ten years, we’re still smitten with each other. And each year we visit Plymouth State on our anniversary!

Which professor or staff member inspired you?

Professor Scott Coykendall is an amazing teacher. After my first class with Scott, I knew he was knowledgeable. After my second class with him, I knew he was patient. After my third class with him, I knew he was wise and made him my advisor for my senior year. I never would have realized what I wanted to do with my life if it were not for his guidance and belief in me. I don’t think that there is anything that I could ever do to thank him for his impact on my life.

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