Sharing Mary Lyon Memories

In January, Mary Lyon Hall was added to the New Hampshire State Registry of Historic Places (read the press release). We asked alumni to share their Mary Lyon memories on Facebook.

“I lived there my freshman year. A wonderful introduction to college. It was the center of everything!” Pat (Bourque) Grandmaison ’63 

Photo: Marisa Levine '12

“I lived with the same roommate in the same room for four years. ML was the BEST! We had a housemother (Mrs. Durell) who stood in the doorway at midnight and locked the door regardless of whether you were running up the steps or not! Great times with many, many fond memories.” Andrea (Cote) McGahan ’71

“I met my lifelong friends the Lawson brothers from Levittown, NY, after a first snow of the year snowball fight between the girls of Mary Lyon and Blair Hall….we all were dirty fighters…..” Mb (Lawlor) Chesler ’82

“Met some of my best friends there freshman year… you Mariah Amsden, Aimee Pelletier Moriarty, and Erin Johnson!!” Jocelyn Roby ’01

Do you have a Mary Lyon memory to share? Tell us about it!