“If I hadn’t gone to the event last year, I don’t know if I would have ever had the courage to reach out to my trainer, join the fitness group, and just make myself better. I am thankful for the support of these women, who also have amazing stories to tell. I never thought participating in something like this could impact me in such a positive way.”– Jordan Rosenburg ‘17   Read more of Jordan’s experience.

“The Women’s Leadership Summit is a MUST-ATTEND activity! Going back to campus to spend the day with amazing Plymouth State women was a treat. The day was full of energy; we gathered in the morning at the new ALLWell Center to have coffee and hear guest speakers. The hike in the beautiful White Mountains was a lot of fun, and I tried yoga for the first time! Meeting up with college roommates and making new friends was my favorite part of the day. The Women’s Leadership Summit is a special opportunity to reconnect with Plymouth State.” – Elizabeth Chase Sargent ’84

“The Summit has inspired me to implement changes in my lifestyle like becoming a beach walker and doing more yoga.” – Brenda Shively ‘13, ‘17G

“I learned to take breaks from school and work and go outside.” – Katie Watson

“I’m already in the process of becoming healthier and this further inspired me and gave me connections to other women whom I could make those changes with.” – Kimberly LaForge

“Getting to see friends I had not seen for almost 20 years was special. Bonding with women on this hike was amazing! Loved it!” – Carol Nicholas ‘94

“The Summit has introduced me to some very inspiring, honest, and real women. This event helps me remember to take time and ground myself.” – Madeline McElaney ‘02, ‘10G

“The Summit has inspired me to stay connected and keep setting personal goals.” – Eileen Jones-Shaw

“The Summit has inspired me to make the time to enjoy the beauty of our state and hang out with incredible women.” – Garlyn Manganiello

“It was a great reminder to put yourself FIRST! Your health and well-being especially. I think this is so important for our community!” – Lindsay Woodward

“It was great to see other women who have drive and ambition to make our communities, families, and lives better and have a great time doing it!” – Alexandra Molloy

“Just amazing. Loved to chat with old friends, make new friends, and see how we can incorporate the Leadership Summit into work and play.” – Susan Scheinman

“The Summit has inspired me to slow down and smell the roses and get out to do more hiking!” – Mary MacCaffrie

“The Summit has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try to get out and do new things/trips with people I don’t know that well. Live everyday to the fullest!” – Liz Gibbs

“Our hike leader, Lauren Lavigne, was awesome. She not only kept the group going, but she made sure we were all happy and safe.” – Traci Collins ‘88

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