Alumni-Student Connections Grant

The Alumni Relations Office is offering the Alumni-Student Connections Grant to student groups to support the creation of a program centered around community engagement and connecting with alumni. The student groups include but are not limited to: recognized student organizations, sports teams, clubs, social action groups, etc., A number of grants up to $500 will be awarded to student groups or alumni/community members seeking to develop a project that promotes community engagement and bringing students and alumni together in a purposeful, meaningful way. This grant is designed to connect students with alumni for the enhancement of the Plymouth State community.


  • You must be a representative for the student group. Student groups include but are not limited to: recognized student organizations, clubs, sports teams, social action groups, etc.,
  • The student group must be recognized by Plymouth State University in some capacity. This could be through Student Senate or a registered course for the current academic year.
  • The student group must have an advisor to supervise the project. Such advisor must submit a letter of recommendation that outlines their level of supervision and support they will provide. Please see the advisor letter of recommendation template here.


  • Use the online application to fill in your organization’s information.
  • Ask your advisor to write a letter of recommendation detailing their support and supervision of the project.
  • Submit a detailed project overview and budget. This budget should include: 
    • An outline explaining your anticipated expenses.
    • A list of any other funding outside of the Alumni-Student Connections Grant the group is receiving for this project.
    • A detailed listing of how the group intends to allocate the Alumni-Student Connects Grant within their budget.
  • Your overview must answer the following questions:
    • How does the proposed project center around your group’s goals? What are your goals?
    • How does the project bring students and alumni together? The goal of the Alumni-Student Connections Grant is to bring students and alumni together primarily for community engagement. This goal is intended to be reached through purposeful and meaningful ways. Is this project meaningful in regards to your target audience?
    • How does the project enhance the community of PSU? How does this project strengthen the connection between current students and alumni?
    • What is the intended outcome you hope to see from this project? How will you know if your project was successful? What is your measurement of success?
    • What is the level of support you will receive from your advisor?

Please see the Alumni-Student Connections Grant application template prior to submitting your application here


  • Upon receipt of this grant, all student organization purchases are subject to current practices and policies set forth by the Student Life Office.
  • An organization that has won the Alumni-Student Connections Grant for more than three consecutive years cannot be considered for further funding.
  • If you receive this grant for a community project, you are required to provide feedback in evaluation of the program.

**Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. A limited number of grants will be awarded during the Fall and Spring academic semesters.**

Alumni-Student Connections Grant Application


The Alumni Association may be used for communication with alumni and marketing for projects.

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