See Who’s Coming

See Who’s Coming to the Alumni Summer Reunion

August 2-3, 2018!

Alumni attending as of June 12th, 2018:

Class of 1950s:

Anthony Guarino Jr. ’50 and Rita M. (Blaney) Guarino ’51
Dr. Ernest Beals ’53
Carol Simpson ’58
William Hagner ’59 and Lynn Hagner

Class of 1960s:

Conrad Perreault ’60 and Jeane Perreault ’67
Patty Merrill Hart ’60
Alice Buczynski Clark ’61
John Ludgate ’61 and Judy Ludgate ’61
Deborah Allen ’61
Gail Barker ’61
Marilyn Mons ’61
Kay Morris ’61
Shirley Mullaly ’61 and Ray Mullaly ’61
Bill Brown ’61
William Andrews ’62 and Sharon (Langlois) Andrews ’62
Barbara Cullen ’62 and Paul Cullen ’62
Dr. Margaret (Dickinson) Miller ’62
Dorothy (Donigian) Nazarian ’62
Jane (Hinman) Ramsay ’62 and Earl Bagley
Wally Stevens ’62 and Meredith Stevens ’62
Barbara Garneau ’63 and Ken Knowlton
Joanne (Lajoie) Fouquette ’65-’69G and Robert Fouquette
Linda Borell ’65
Nancy Brown ’65 and George Koslosky
Bill Campbell ’65 and Naomi Campbell
John Colburn ’65
Allen Hodgdon ’66 and Bonnie Hodgdon ’73
Lorrine (Cloutier) Aucoin ’67 and Albert Aucoin
Thomas Kidder ’67 and Joanne Kidder
Chris Dow ’68
Carol Gerkin ’68
Jim Goss ’68 and Pat Goss
Katharine (Brown) Lajaunia ’68
Phyllis (LaVigna) Mather ’68 and Richard Mather
Richard Pike ’68 and Sandra Pike
Joan Cook ’69 and Stephen Canders
Joanne (Lajoie) Fouquette ’69 and Robert Fouquette

Class of 1970s:

Marion (Goodwin) Gorrill ’70
Carolyn (Ruggles) Jalbert ’70
Elizabeth Bridges ’70
Linda (DeFanti) Maley ’70
Bernard J. McCarthy ’71,’74G and Belinda McCarthy
Warren Berry ’72 and Aletha Berry
Ernest H Bjork ’72 and Linda Bjork
Gordon Knapp ’72 and Janice Knapp
Mary Amsden ’72 and Paul Amsden ’70
Bonnie Linda Vlk ’72 and Ernest Vlk
Connie Schofield ’73 and Michael Schofield
Christina (Giordano) Shebell ’73