See Who’s Coming

to the Alumni Summer Reunion, July 25-26

As of June 20th, 2019:

Classes of the 1940’s:
Lucille Gilman ’44, Patricia Gilman, and Paul Minnis

Classes of the 1950’s:
Steve Tassey ’53
Robert McCoy ’57 and Claudette McCoy
Carol Simpson ’58

Classes of the 1960’s:
William Andrews ’62 and Sharon (Langlois) Andrews ’62
Nancy (Penny) Arsenault ’61
John Colburn ’65
Ronald Crowe ’62 and Priscilla Crowe
Pauleen (Engwin) Dallaire ’60
Chris (Detscher) Dow ’68,’93 G
Mary Freitas ’60
Jim Goss ’68 and Pat Goss
John Ludgate ’61 and Judith (Freese) Ludgate ’61
Claira Monier ’62
Raymond Mullaly ’61 and Shirley Mullay ’61

Classes of the 1970’s:
Nancy (Colby) Aldrich ’74
Peter Dorfman ’74 and Cheryl (Gill) Dorfman ’74
Diane (Hebert) Pease ’72 and Billy Pease
Diane Mros ’72 and Jacque Mey
Linda Rickenbach ’73
Diane Tiffany ’76
Richard Walden ’70 and Sharon Walden