Donor Honor Roll

Plymouth State University is very grateful to the following alumni and friends for their support of the PSU in 2018-2019. Such generosity not only strengthens the University’s financial resources, but inspires others to become part of this distinguished group.

Giving Club Levels

Giving Club Levels are determined by the total gifts or pledge payments given by a donor or couple during the giving year. Our 2019 fundraising began on July 1, 2018 and ran through June 30, 2019. For club level recognition, gifts from alumni couples are combined, and the value of matching gifts received is included in the donor’s recognition total. Plymouth State University’s gift club levels are as follows:

Norton Bagley Circle ($100,000+)

Norton Bagley ’41 served as Professor, Director of Public Relations, Dean of Students, Dean of Instruction, Director of Admissions, Director of Placement, and as chair of the Education Department for sixteen years.  He established an endowed scholarship in 1999 to support students majoring in education.

Geneva Smith Circle ($50,000-$99,999)

Geneva Smith served a professor of Mathematics and Science at Plymouth State for 42 years, between 1924 and 1966.  Her bequest funded an endowment that supports two scholarships, one in math and one in science.

Balch-Moore Grover Circle ($25,000-$49,999)

Hazel Balch Moore ’26 and Myrtle L. Grover ’24 both pursued careers in education.  Moore established an endowed scholarship in 1988 to support students majoring in business, a subject she taught for 43 years.  Grover created two endowed scholarships, one in 1978 for music students and a second in 1979 for accounting or business administration students.

President’s Circle ($10,000-$24,999)
Silas Pearl Club ($5,000-$9,999)

Silas H. Pearl served as the first principal of Plymouth Normal School, now Plymouth State University, when it opened in 1871 with 80 students.

University Club ($2,500-$4,999)
Barbara Dearborn Club ($1,000-$2,499)

Barbara Smith Dearborn ’60 taught mathematics at Plymouth State for 35 years until her death in 1996.  Dearborn created an endowed scholarship to support the mathematics student with the highest GPA.  Her family honored her passion and talent for art by establishing an endowed scholarship in her name in 2006 to benefit an art student.

Platinum Level ($500-$999)
Gold Level ($250-$499)
Sterling Level ($100-$249)
Tower Level ($50-$99)

Loyal Donors

An asterisk (*) next to a donor’s name indicates at least 10 years of giving to Plymouth State.
A hashtag (#) next to a donor’s name indicates at least 20 years of giving to Plymouth State.

We have made every effort to ensure accuracy in the 2019 Annual Report of Donors. If your name has been omitted, misspelled or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Jennifer Smith in the Office of University Advancement at (603) 535-2564, or Office of University Advancement, MSC 50, Plymouth State University, 17 High Street, Plymouth, NH 03264-1595.

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Geneva Smith Circle

John D. ’85 & Carrie Morgridge *
Nicholas J. ’76 & Mary Ann Vailas *

Balch-Moore Grover Circle

John P. ’71, ’73G & Maureen Marquis Clark ’73 #
Kevin M. Davis
The late Mark M. Evans ’83
Ross R. & Sally A. Humer
Jonathan C. Richardson ’13
Thomas J. & Susan C. Stepp *

President’s Circle

Paul E. Berton ’76
R. Scott ’75  & Patti-Jeanne Ryan Biederman ’76 *
Ernest H. ’72 & Linda K. Bjork
Charles E. Brown #
Matthew A. Cheney
The late Bette J. De Rocher *
Jean Del Vecchio & Lenora M. Egli
Richard R. & Carol Flate Gerken ’67 #
Irvin D. Gordon
Thomas J. ’81 & Nancy Blakney Gravina ’82 #
Janice C. Griffith Esq.
Jonathan W. ’79 & Cornelia K. Hall #
Eric P’06 & Paula M. Huttner P’06 *
Thomas & the late Elizabeth S. Kelsey
Gary S. ’92 & Elizabeth O. Lowe #
Alex L. Ray *
Ann E. Thurston ’80, ’00G, ’07CAGS & the late Elizabeth W. Cheney ’89, ’99G #

Silas Pearl Club

Anonymous #
Anonymous (3)
James & Susan Baldini
Bonnie Wuelfing Breen-Wagner ’72, ’74G #
Ryan S. ’00 & Emily Chadwick
Peter S. Cofran ’74, ’88G #
Colin S. ’01 & Sarah Graham
John M. & Elizabeth H. Hart *
Joan Kirschner
John H. & Susan Lynch
Daniel & Renee Plummer
R. Steven Rand *
Joan Doyon Savage ’56 #
Wayne P. ’72 & Paulette Semprini ’72 *
Wallace R. ’62 & Meredith Bristow Stevens ’62 #
Bonnie T. Still
John H. Jr. ’87 & Pamela Tucker
Margaret C. Turner
Matthew B. ’04 & Jody Wilhelm
Guy T. Wisinski ’85 *
Charles A. Wood Jr. ’72, ’73G #

University Club

Matthew J. Bailey ’13
Duane J. Baxter
Donald L. & Linda Birx
Philip R. & Suzanne Boulter
Mary E. Campbell ’91G #
Michael F. Conklin & Deborah R. Reynolds
Patrick & Corinne M. Conroy
Michael C. Dionne ’88 & Elizabeth LaRose *
Paula Lee Hobson
Paul J. Jr. & Anna Grace Holloway #
John K. II & Lori A. Hyslip
Darold Harding & Joanne S. Smith Lockwood ’80G, ’86 #
David A. & Gail F. Mears ’76 #
Alan C. ’77 & Carrie Necchi
Daniel & Marilyn L. O’Connell
Robert A. ’80 & Michelle M. O’Neil
Reta E. Presby
Barry M. Ross ’73 *
Albert M. & Mary Anne Hyde Saul *
John E. P’19 & Susan W. Scheinman P’19 *
James K. ’01 & Erin D. Shuman ’02
Craig A. Souza ’87 #
Brian & Hilda Stone
Cynthia W. Vascak *

Barbara Dearborn Club

Anonymous (2)
Anonymous *
Anonymous #
C. Brad & Susan A. Allen
Joseph C. Amorosino ’61 #
Robert W. Averill
Jeffrey C. Barton ’82 & Elyse Baney-Barton #
J. Gerald Bateman ’66 #
Julie N. Bernier & Joan E. Andresen #
John Brodeur & Andrea Coville
Christopher A. Buckley ’94 and Jennifer A. Morris ’92
Charles G. Buhrman Jr. ’85
Marie H. Carlson
Stacey G. H. Yap & Peng-Khuan Chong *
Marlin Collingwood
Woolsey & Beatrice K. Conover
Ann-Marie Cote
Robert S. Cram ’85 & Michael D. Mooney
Michael D. Currier ’06CAGS &. Robin M. Henderson Peters ’76,’00G *
Brenda Dow Daniels
George E. ’63 & Jean T. Davis #
Dennis C. Dearborn ’56 #
Mitzi Dearborn & Ernest May #
Thomas J. & Deborah A. White Degnan ’72 #
Mark A. & Shelley P. Derby
William J. Donohue ’93
Robert H. & Carolyn Dorff
Nathaniel A. & Kerri L. Biederman Dutile
James S. III &. Elisabeth E. Griffin Ely ’80
Marta C. Ferreira

Platinum Level

Jorge L. Acevedo & Nereida S. Rivera-Acevedo ’88 *
Kelly Ayotte & Joseph N. Daley
Judith E. Blake
Harry S. Blood ’73, ’80G & Anita Hallgren-Blood ’73 #
Gerard J. Boyle
Richard J. ’94 & Jennifer Brenner
Kenneth G. Bresette ’14
Siri Brett
Carol A. Briggs
Susan M. Dodge Carlson ’49 #
Catherine A. Enos Carter ’56 #
Richard O. Chandler ’63 #
Sean M. Collins
Michael J. Corey ’74 #
Diane J. Cotter ’94G
Scott R. & Tabitha J. Coykendall ’07 *
Daniel P. Craig ’03
Catherine A. Crane ’74, 92G, ’02CAGS & Mark Burzynski #
Lou D’Allesandro
John L. ’67 & Kathleen M. Daly #
Kevin A. Danie ’84 *
Tom Dawson
Louis R. ’83G & Jennifer D. Desloges ’96G
Lisa A. Doner
Timothy J. Drown ’85 & Anne B. Poirier ’85
Joshua B. ’03 & Jill Lempicki Egan ’99 #
Robert G. Egbert Jr. &. Kathleen M. Cuddy-Egbert ’06CAGS *
John T. & Donna S. Fallon
Ronald C. ’88 & Karyn Fisher #
Richard K. ’78 & Joan C. Lopardo Forge ’77, ’00G *
Michael R. ’73, ’76G & Janice A. Lamere Gallagher ’74 #
James L. & Donna-Belle Garvin *
Scott M. Gillman ’08G & Katherine M. Tardif
Michael S. & Joanne H. Gresavage
JoAnn M. Guilmett ’09G
Kenneth H. & Carole L. Heuser ’76G #
Laurie A. Murphy Hirsch ’04
Barbara A. Hogan
Paul T. Hogan ’79, ’88G #
Kristine N. Howland ’89G *
Andrew G. & Caryn L. Ines
Peter H. ’62 & Sylvia A. Weldon Kramer ’61 #
Matthew W. Krause ’08G
Robert E. Jr. & Roberta E. Beaudoin Lamb ’82 #
Steven & Marguerite Lancia
Giovanni & Mariantonia Lanza
Chris & Tracy Laux
S. Lauren Lavigne ’94,’96G & Charles A. Mason #
Catherine F. LeBlanc
Martha B. Leighton ’19CAGS
Linda S. Levy ’04CAGS *
Ryan M. Luczynski ’04,’13G
John MacDonald ’94
Robert M. Mains & Amy Durland
Christopher J. ’88G & Lisa M. McCormack *
Jeffrey C. ’91 & Linda J. Sargent Meade ’92 *
Robert S. Miller #
Timothy T. & Rebecca Weeks Sherrill More *
Kenneth C. ’73 & Jacqueline L. McKeen Moulton ’73, ’02G *
Dennis R. Nawn
Denise L. Normandin ’17G
Mark J. & Marla J. Okrant *
Robyn E. Parker & Steven Bardus
Theodore J. ’60 & Marlene D. Newton Parker ’63 #
Michael H. & Susan M. Wescott Payson ’85 *
Charles & Gaynelle R. Richardson Pratt ’71 #
Lawrence H. ’58 & Rosemarie D. Presby #
Debbie Quimby
Terrence P. ’80 & Susan P. Reddington
William B. Ribas ’80, ’84G #
Matthew J. Roy ’13 & Ava E. Tyler ’14
Francis C. & Donna Slaski #
Kenneth S. & Grace S. Solinsky
Morgan T. & Lindsey M. Sheldon Stepp ’10G
Ernest R. & Holly Getz Steward ’76 *
Daniel J. Sullivan ’83 & Patricia A. Donnelly-Sullivan ’82, 12G *
Jerome C. Sullivan ’96
David F. & Joan M. Tambling ’83G #
Christopher & Wendy Thayer
Richard D. & Diane Tillotson Tiffany ’76 #
Thomas M. ’84, ’85G & Tracy Tilson
Robert M. Tipson ’68
Bryant F. Jr. & Carolyn K. Tolles
John D. ’82 &. Bette M. Troy *
Keith Venable
William B. & Bonnie Webb *
Kenneth T. Wheeler Jr. *
Samuel D. ’12, ’16G & Savannah E. A. Fitzpatrick Wisel ’12
Joe & Deb Wolf
Stephen G. Woodsum & Anne R. Lovett
Steven Wright
Robert G. & Jennifer Yates
John M. ’87 & Lisa H. Young

Gold Level

Jonathan R. ’02 & Susan L. Argereow Albertini ’02
Polly Allen
David W. ’67 & Linda R. Goldsmith Anderson ’70 #
Gino J. & Cheryl L. Baroni *
Brewster M. ’72 & Michele Bartlett
Charles Bass
Amy K. Bassett *
Kristen A. Beadon ’09
Ernest W. Beals ’53 #
Amy R. Begg ’97 *
Roger E. Belson & Grace Cohen
William & Christy Belvin *
John & Catherine M. Bentwood
Daniel S. Blake
Ronald G. ’74, ’78G & Elizabeth Blankenstein #
Stephen A. Bobin
Rebecca A. Boudreau ’88, ’95G
Edith L. Briner *
Sean M. Buckley ’11
Angela Budrow
Brandon B. & Elizabeth Burnette
Thomas Byington
Alan M. & Patricia A. Cantor ’90G #
Mark A. Casale ’89
Constance D. & James C. Chesebrough
Shirley A. Crewe Cobb ’59 #
George N. Copadis
Jeff & Elizabeth N. Cottle
Francis A. ’76 & Mary C. Bladt Crane ’76 *
William R. Crangle & Lee Webster #
Irene M. Cucina *
Patricia Currier
Thomas W. & Sally M. Daigneault ’14G
Robin DeRosa & Philip C. Lonergan *
Peter J. Dill ’81 #
Joan Dimond
Ryan &. Debra Distler
Natalie Motowylak Dobrowolski ’68 *
Bonnie L. Doherty ’75 #
Frances McGrath Dolloph ’70 #
Edward W. Drew
Anna F. Hill Duke ’62 #
Charles R. Duke ’62 #
Rodney A. ’09G & Angel A. Ekstrom ’04CAGS *
Paul L. & Gisela B. Estes *
John P. ’62 & Mary C. Fahey #
Nancy C. Feldman #
Paulo R. Fernandes ’01
Jennifer Fiore
Lorilee R. Fish ’68 #
Brian R. ’05, ’09G &. Ashley R. Gagnon ’07, ’12G
David Gallagher
Katherine M. Puls Gallagher ’08
Thomas & Kathie Gerbner
Keith M. ’86 & Susan Donnaruma Godbout ’86
Susan M. Goldsmith
Patricia A. Stopkie Gosselin ’64 #
Linda J. Gray ’78
Michael ’72 & Barbara J. Cullity Guinan ’73
B. Randy Haas ’74 #
Richard T. & Patricia H. Hage #
James W. & Marlise D. Hammond
Michael D. Harrington
Una M. Harrington
Lea Hatch
Larry K. ’86 & Dawn Marie M. Ray Haynes ’86 #
John Hazlin
The late Alex R. Herbst ’15
Timothy J. Hersey ’02
Debra J. Holcomb ’92G #
Jason D. ’70 & Anne E. Boyle Holder ’73 #
Leslie M. Hoyt ’90
Richard W. & Anne W. Hunnewell #
William E. ’74 & Beth M. Gorham Inman ’75 #
Edward M. & Marguerite Jeffs *
Wendell W. & Erline M. Jesseman
Larry R. Jodrie ’76 #
Lynn V. Johnson & Pamela A. Childs *
Anne M. Jung-Mathews
Brooks S. ’65 & Mary A. Kennedy #
Lynn A. Koos
John C. Krueckeberg & Mary M. Cornish *
Carl P. &. Sandra Lehner
Rebecca Walker Lenzi ’70 #
Tim Lessard
Liesl M. Lindley ’04CAGS *
Hon S. ’99 & Mei Ng Lo
Michael J. Long ’75 *
Elizabeth P. Lovett ’87 *
Evan M. Lowery
Gerd E. Lutter
John W. ’85 & Bonnie Manion *
Anthony C. ’91 &. Mary E. Xavier Mann ’92
David M. Martin ’16
Angela Prete Matthews ’09CAGS *
Fred J. ’82 & Susan Merkesdal Matyiku ’80 #
Kathryn T. & Steven Melanson *
Denise M. Monahan
Lise G. Moran ’14G
John E. & Kathryn A. Stratton Morris ’61 #
Irene Martinez Mosedale ’76, ’84G, ’05CAGS #
Dan A. Moskowitz ’05
Darlene D. Neiman
Patrick O’Malley
John M. Jr. ’92 & Kathryn A. Osgood ’93
Steve S. & Janet A. Duval Panagoulis ’98G
Diane L. Merrill Pomeroy ’73 #
William R. III ’73 & Dorothy Powers #
Katherine L. Reardon ’49 #
Donald Reny ’72
Bill Rigero
Timothy & Nina Rose
Rachel J. Roy ’86 #
Steven Roy
James Sanford & Jean L. Doyle
Edward C. Jr. & Elizabeth Chase Sargent ’84 *
David F. ’08 & Elisa L. Saunders ’01
Marcia Schmidt Blaine & Quentin Blaine *
Maureen Silva
Alan J. & Deborah Slobodnik
Jennifer M. Smith ’12G
Erik P. & Joan W. Sorensen
Larry T. & Eleanor A. Spencer *
James A. Stacy ’02 *
Beth E. Stewart ’76 #
Joshua E. Stokel ’96
Christie L. Sweeney
Raina E. Taillon
The late David C. ’94G & Martha S. Talbot *
Edward P. Todd
David P. & Darlene M. Sholik Trainor ’86 #
Jeffrey H. Valentine ’81
Rebecca A. Thomson Wagstaff ’97
Brian D. Waters
Jack & Terry Webb
Byon & Suzanne R. Savage Yeatts


Beverley E. Sanborn Minot *


Platinum Level
Susan M. Dodge Carlson #

Gold Level
Katherine L. Reardon #

Sterling Level
Ruth V. Osgood Bucklin #


Sterling Level
Harry W. Peach #


Sterling Level
Peter Brown #
Steve J. Tassey #
Mary L. Bortree Taylor #

Cornelia E. Hodder *


Gold Level
Ernest W. Beals #

Sally E. Ayer Rossetti #
Roma E. Eaton Wing #


Sterling Level
Bill Marston *

Shirley A. Dutton Babb #
David M. Dole #
Janet G. Stewart Knowles #
Maryann Jewell Lacasse #
Eleanor C. Corbett Lyons #


Sterling Level
Elizabeth T. Hayward Batchelder #
Robert E. Jackson #
E. Lorraine Avery Johnstone #
Ann E. Woodward Kaiser #

Claire Bernier Dorr #
Laura L. MacNeill Gross #
Arlene M. Parent Welch #
Natalie M. Bergeron Wheaton #


Silas Pearl Club
Joan Doyon Savage #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Denny Charles Dearborn #

Platinum Level
Catherine A. Enos Carter #

Sterling Level
Sara Dole Harris *

Alvin L. Fellows #
Lillian Bilodeau Keyes #
Martina Day Stever #
Eleanor M. Savage Yoder #


Sterling Level
Raymond N. Blanchette *

Harold L. Eichel #


Platinum Level
Lawrence H. Presby #

Sterling Level
Louise M. Archambault #
Peter F. Graham #
Irene M. MacDonald Haskell #
Jean M. Routhier O’Shea #
Carol E. Stone Simpson #

Gertrude H. Merrill Greenwood #
Arnold J. Gross #
Joan E. Ruel MacDonald #
Janet R. Trefethen Walsh #


Gold Level
Shirley A. Crewe Cobb #

Sterling Level
Sheila G. Allard Arold #
Carol A. Glenz Boyatsis #
Evans T. Boyatsis #
Norma M. Woodard Green #
Viola E. Huntoon #
Alma P. Breton Johnson #
Simone M. Hebert Thurston #
Roland P. Vigneault #

Donald F. Dimick Sr. #
Joyce A. March Dimick #
Alice M. Murdough Dole #
Marie Mitchell Doran *
Sylvia I. Lounder Heikkila #
Sally J. Stevens Liu #
Anita L. Barton MacDonald #
Jane L. Leavitt Quimby #


Platinum Level
Theodore J. Parker #

Sterling Level
Conrad A. Perreault #
Thomas G. Thurston #

Deborah E. Putney Bean #
Jacqueline R. Hellen #


President’s Circle
The late Bette J. Tirrell De Rocher *

Barbara Dearborn Club
Joseph C. Amorosino #

Platinum Level
Sylvia A. Weldon Kramer #

Gold Level
Kathryn A. Stratton Morris #

Sterling Level
John H. Ludgate #
Judith L. Freese Ludgate #
Wayne D. Mercer #
Marilyn R. Currie Mons #
Edward F. O’Sullivan #
Theodore G. Saddic #
Roberta N. Wallace Stearns #
Nelson J. Towle *
Claire M. Gauthier Wallace #

Barbara A. Ashley
Nancy G. Brown Barrett #
Winthrop H. Buswell *
William G. Hoag #
Judith Allen Izzi #
Nancy A. Arsenault Penney #
Raymond Thibodeau #


Silas Pearl Club
Meredith Bristow Stevens #
Wallace R. Stevens #

Platinum Level
Peter H. Kramer #

Gold Level
Anna F. Hill Duke #
Charles R. Duke #
John P. Fahey #

Sterling Level
Sharon L. Langlois Andrews #
William G. Andrews #
Barbara Dyer Cullen #
Paul T. Cullen #
Sylvia Hodge Goodrum #
Rita M. Devost McDonough #
Margaret Dickinson Miller #
Rita E. LaPlante Norander #
Vienna Crocker Snodgrass #

Linda Peterson Cook #
Constance Tibbetts Hoag #
Jane Hinman Ramsay #
Frances E. Woodard Richardson #


Barbara Dearborn Club
George E. Davis ’63 #

Platinum Level
Richard O. Chandler #
Marlene D. Newton Parker #

Sterling Level
Constance A. Rogers Devins *
Patricia F. Bourque Grandmaison *
Peter J. Johnson *
Donald S. Loomis *
David A. Schurman *
MaryAnn Szufnarowski #

Daniel J. Budd
Dianne M. Doherty Dickson #
Bernard P. Fitzgerald *
Sharon Bachelder Haney
Judith A. McPartland Patterson #
Gail R. Richens


Gold Level
Patricia A. Stopkie Gosselin #

Sterling Level
Estella L. Bushaw Ellison #
Richard C. Evans #
John M. Garneau #
Raymond E. Lord *
Mary R. Schruender Meyer #
Sandra L. Crowley Prince #
Joanne Ravgiala *
Margaret E. Hearn Richardson #
Priscilla A. Southwick #

Alan D. Blakeley #
Marilyn L. Hill Blakeley #
Lawrence L. Coffin *
Paul M. Floyd #
Velma L. Peters Marcotte #
David O. Minickiello #
Linda M. Pollard Mullin #
Joyce A. Cuscia Paquette #
Peter A. Smith *


Barbara Dearborn Level
Eleanor Morehouse Loesch #

Gold Level
Brooks S. Kennedy #

Sterling Level
Stephen R. Bamford #
Roy E. Bell #
Nancy A. Brown #
Robert E. Koson #
Paul D. Rice *
Alna Fitt Stevens #
Barbara R. Demmett Webb #

Richard G. Baker #
Barbara A. Brewka #
Ronald B. Butcher #
Deborah Gourd Garland #
Marie Payette Gibson #
Carl L. Nolin #
Diane M. Parks #


Barbara Dearborn Club
J. Gerald Bateman #
Janet L. Fagnant Learned #

Sterling Level
Ernest O. Brown #
Dianne Pierce Gotshall #
Nancy J. Barker Sims #
William P. Wilkinson #

Pamela B. Crooker Carberry #
Judith E. Plaisted Haracz
Virginia D. Banfill Hiltz #
Allen P. Hodgdon #
Richard C. Leone #
Thomas J. McIntyre #
Darlene J. MacLeod Page #
Madeline M. Cancian Zimmerman #


President’s Circle
Carol Flate Gerken #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Sally E. Gavin #
Arthur J. Learned #

Platinum Level
John L. Daly #

Gold Level
David W. Anderson #

Sterling Level
Donna A. Foster Baker #
Susan E. Hurton Cain #
Janice D. Jacoby #
Thomas A. Kidder #
Duane E. Merrill #
Jeanne E. Rheaume Perreault #
Carolyn M. Trosky-Absher #

Lorraine R. Cloutier Aucoin #
Cynthia A. Bly Blandini #
Sherel A. Sonne Frere #
Charles B. Herrick
Mary L. Ball Jackson #
Joyce E. Clancy Killebrew #
Brian A. Souza #
Mary E. Taft
Carolyn A. Hastings Wainright *


Barbara Dearborn Club
Edgar R. Melanson #

Platinum Level
Robert M. Tipson

Gold Level
Natalie Motowylak Dobrowolski *
Lorilee R. Fish #

Sterling Level
Robert S. Bergin *
Maureen A. Lembo #
Paul E. Snook #
Valerie H. Wenner Wheeler #

Christine D. Detscher Dow #
Jane A. Schruender Goodwin #
James E. Goss
Ann McKeen Knowles #
Mary T. Schurman Kopp #
Patricia J. O’Keefe Lang #
Judith A. Ambrose Macdonald #
Edward J. Mullin #
Andrea R. Holden Philbrook *
Carol A. Jacobs Shaw #
Douglas E. Welsh Jr. #


Barbara Dearborn Club
Anonymous #
Edward J. Welch Jr. #

Sterling Level
Jean L. Grimard Bergin *
Glenn R. Gunn #
Patricia T. Larkin Gunn #
Patricia A. Lewis Upham #
Robert S. Whitmore

Richard G. Anctil *
Murray C. Duke #
Richard A. Flanders Jr. #
James H. Lewis *
Robert L. Merrill #
Mary L. Grady Panarese #
Susan E. Neal Soto-Campos #
Melvin D. Stratton *
Garvase N. White *


Barbara Dearborn Club
Jane E. Bartlett Welch #

Gold Level
Linda R. Goldsmith Anderson #
Frances McGrath Dolloph #
Jason D. Holder #
Rebecca Walker Lenzi #

Sterling Level
Michael A. Coltin #
James E. Driscoll
Ronald J. Fuller #
Richard C. Hebert #
Priscilla P. Perriello Johnson #
Charles E. Lenahan #
John A. Mainguy #
Gerine J. Piper
Edward D. Schruender #
Kenneth R. Simpson #
Leonard E. Tamule
Anthony G. Zographos #

Jean C. Bishop Bond *
Richard A. Bond *
Patricia R. Calder Brothers #
Richard W. Brown *
Sandra Stone Carriker #
Rebecca Chandler #
Daniel P. Chick #
Jeanne S. Crane #
Barbara A. Cushing-Moore #
Mark H. DeNies #
Mildred West Farnham #
Carolyn Johnson Fellows #
Judy W. Waterhouse Foley
Robert L. Hall #
Elizabeth B. Bloch Ingold *
Evelyn L. Kelsea #
Paul A. Levasseur #
Priscilla A. Hevey Levasseur #
Phillip G. McCormack #
Susan E. Damon Riley #
Priscilla S. Pattee Sawyer #
Sandra T. Secrist
Joyce Nutter Wood #


Balch-Moore Grover Circle
John P. Clark #

Barbara Dearborn Club
William P. Raymond #

Platinum Level
Gaynelle R. Richardson Pratt #

Sterling Level
Heidi Charles Blais #
Glenn K. Dore
Ruth Anne McDougall Fuller #
Ronald L. Lafferty *
Bernard J. McCarthy #
Ellen A. McDonough #
Kenneth J. Murphy #
Chris M. Veziris
Barbara L. Murdock White #
David E. Whitney #

David F. Barry #
Robert K. Brown #
Mark C. Bussiere #
Angelo W. Finelli #
Kathleen Mears Hrycuna #
Judy M. Fife Hussey #
Lucille Robie Keegan #
Dorene L. LeBlanc Krauss #
Katherine A. Nutter Lavigne
Roderick M. MacDonald *
Kathleen A. Collins Murphy #
Janice S. Olson #
The late Carleton R. Parish #
David J. Pollini *
Nancy L. Kelly Spaulding #
Ruth Sullivan White #
Mary L. Patterson Wilson *
Denise Hillner Woodcock #


President’s Circle
Ernie H. Bjork

Silas Pearl Club
Bonnie Wuelfing Breen-Wagner #
Paulette Darcy Semprini *
Wayne P. Semprini *
Charles A. Wood Jr. #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Deborah A. White Degnan #
Lee E. Richman Nelson #
William J. Tirone #
Alan D. Wool
Sally Wentworth Wool

Gold Level
Brewster M. Bartlett
Michael Guinan
Donald Reny

Sterling Level
Marilyn Behan Belovarac #
Mary K. O’Leary Coltin *
Jane M. Hayes Costa #
Kenneth A. Costa #
Alice E. Stiles #
Patricia LaSalle Whitney #

Cathy A. Way Brown #
Barbara E. Young Bunn #
Susan Hammond Butts
Bruce N. Campbell #
William E. Chenoweth #
Jim E. Dalley *
David M. Dube #
Michael F. Foley
Kathleen A. Mazzuchelli
Louise S. Samaha McCormack #
Herbert F. Oliver #
Robert O. Page #
Jeffrey N. Plant #
Sandra J. Webster Sexton *


Balch-Moore Grover Circle
Maureen Marquis Clark #

University Club
Barry M. Ross *

Barbara Dearborn Club
John M. Garnsey

Platinum Level
Harry S. Blood #
Michael R. Gallagher #
Anita Hallgren-Blood #
Jacqueline L. McKeen Moulton *
Kenneth C. Moulton *

Gold Level
Barbara J. Cullity Guinan
Anne E. Boyle Holder #
Diane L. Merrill Pomeroy #
William R. Powers III #

Sterling Level
Ruth M. Mitchell Collins #
Roger L. Descoteaux #
Rita DiPaolo *
Kera M. Feeley #
Stephen E. Holdsworth #
Edward E. Kimball Jr. #
Gina E. Philbrick Masters #
John A. McManus
Gary R. Parsons #
Mary A. Kirby Robinson #
Constance A. Gingras Schofield #

Thomas W. Buckless #
Elizabeth A. Nitchie Campbell #
Iris C. Richard Campbell #
Priscilla Morse Fletcher #
Sandra L. Mazalewski Galle #
Brenda E. Baines Grady #
John J. Grady #
Bonnie L. Hamilton Hodgdon #
Diane L. Young Klinepeter #
Richard E. Knowles #
Vincent J. Marconi *
Dennis P. McManus #
Sarah L. Merrill #
Sheila E. Duffy Mone #
Nancy E. Fysh Silverberg #
Juliana Noble Stevens *
Abigail Ann A. Caron Terrones
Charleen F. Curran Wilcox #


Silas Pearl Club
Pete S. Cofran #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Anonymous *
Bruce W. Wiggett #

Platinum Level
Michael J. Corey #
Janice A. Lamere Gallagher #

Gold Level
Ronald G. Blankenstein #
B. Randy Haas #
William E. Inman #

Sterling Level
Mary E. Alix *
Joseph T. Banas *
Lynne M. Gazda Brecknock #
Cheryl A. Gill Dorfman #
Peter L. Dorfman #
John L. Hickey Jr. #
Glenn Keith
Carolynn A. Cushman Lee #
G. Michael Lee #
Michael A. Mansour
Christine M. Kovach Norris #
Jane B. Bryant Provencher #
Paula L. Scott-Moriarty #

Richard G. Badger #
Grace M. Bartlett *
Ronald L. Bergeron #
Elizabeth Jasinski Carlson *
Louise M. Rudak Deschenes #
Regina M. White Dube #
M. Susan Earle #
Sandra R. Riddervold Griffith #
Dennis E. Keefe *
Susan Eldredge MacDonald *
Lynn Miller #
Thomas C. Padgett *
Howard K. Phillips *


President’s Circle
R. Scott Biederman *

Barbara Dearborn Club
Thomas J. Proulx #
Laurie Wenzel-Whitley #
Douglas C. Whitley #

Gold Level
Bonnie L. Doherty #
Beth M. Gorham Inman #
Michael J. Long *

Sterling Level
Cathy L. Wendel Ahrens #
Ronald R. Benoit #
Roberta L. Farrick Cesarek #
Duncan F. Nims #
Beth A. Quigley #
Robert D. Ricketts *
Susan C. Cornwell Robbins
Thomas J. Stewart #

Nancy L. Beegle Badger #
Bonnie L. Moses Beadle #
Joan M. Blajda #
Charles S. Haines #
Mary K. Stephenson Haines #
Mary P. Carter Hinds *
Sylvia L. Soucy Lennox *
Nancy E. Bradshaw Murray #
Thomas K. Riesenberg
Donald G. Robbins #
Andrew C. Vogt


Geneva Smith Circle
Nicholas J. Vailas *

President’s Circle
Paul E. Berton
Patti-Jeanne Ryan Biederman *

University Club
Gail F. Mears #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Sharon E. Jeffe *
Robin M. Henderson Peters *
Dianne Lutz Rappa *

Platinum Level
Carole L. Heuser #
Holly Getz Steward *
Diane Tillotson Tiffany #

Gold Level
Francis A. Crane *
Mary C. Bladt Crane *
Larry R. Jodrie #
Irene M. Martinez Mosedale #
Beth E. Stewart #

Sterling Level
Glenn R. Ahrens #
Marilyn T. Cabral
Michael J. Demers
Steven W. Enman #
Rondi P. Woods Gannon
Paige A. Stocks Laflamme #
Grinnell A. Talbot

Jennifer L. Dillon Boshar
Samuel D. Brickley
Martha W. Woodbury Church #
Susan L. Amos Connolly #
Alice M. Custard #
William J. Dubois
Carol I. Williamson Eldridge *
Nancy A. Corcoran Kelleher *
Carol Lowden *
Deborah A. Austin Mahair
Nancy Quigley McAveeney #
Teri L. Gehrke Nelson #
John S. Ribezzo #
Dale E. Lemay Snyder #


University Club
Alan C. Necchi

Platinum Level
Kathleen M. Cuddy-Egbert *
Joan C. Lopardo Forge *

Sterling Level
Steven J. Hadley #
David D. Hamilton #
Denis C. Ibey *
Gary M. Richter *
Maureen E. Hartford Wentzell *

Janet L. Benard *
Julia H. Perkins Braca #
Sarah B. Brown *
Abby Tallarico Dawson #
Gary M. Dimick #
Barbara Brennan Fahey #
Judith O. Olsen Floyd #
Richard G. Fournier *
Brenda L. Chapell Furber #
Beverly E. Tucker Kingsland *
Ted P. Marvelli #
Jane S. Morris #
Susan M. Rowan *


Platinum Level
Richard K. Forge *

Gold Level
Linda J. Gray

Sterling Level
Judith A. Killen Baraly #
Stephen D. Bates
Judith C. Caldwell *
Robin F. Carrera #
Louise P. Hebert #
Franklin D. Moore *
Patricia A. Walker Otte #
Ann P. Stelmat *

Muriel A. Blanchette Brodie
Veralyn K. Viets Campbell #
Mary M. Davidson Graham *
Frank M. Ferrari #
James T. Hart #
Thomas P. Hoyt


President’s Circle
Jonathan W. Hall #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Celia J. Gibbs #
Austin W. Smith #
Deborah L. Connors Smith #

Platinum Level
Paul T. Hogan #

Sterling Level
Anthony R. Diaz III #
Martha Rohrbach Gross #
Pamela L. McNeil Hamilton #
Terri L. Johnson #
Philip H. Oesterlin *
Deborah A. Buck Pack #
Kevin F. Pond #
Michael P. Smith
Matthew L. Staples *
Carolyn J. Johnson Villa *
Charles P. Yaeger Jr. *

Roberta J. Washburn Doore #
Diane E. Erwin #
Mary Margaret Pickett Hendy
Arthur M. Jonson *
Timothy C. Keefe #
Hans-Peter Krahn *
Maureen E. Thibeault Lefebvre
Daniel F. O’Donnell *
Martha J. Perry *
Richard P. Sawyer #
John O. Scudder *
Jacqueline K. McManus Stock #


President’s Club
Ann E. Thurston #

University Club
Robert A. O’Neil

Barbara Dearborn Club
Elisabeth E. Griffin Ely
Walter Kelly #

Platinum Level
Terrence P. Reddington
William B. Ribas #

Gold Level
Susan Merkesdal Matyiku #
Darlene D. Neiman

Sterling Level
Patricia A. Dillon
Phyllis M. Repp MacKay *
John E. Nabozna #
Stephen J. Sedensky III #
Joyce E. Gagnon Smith
Virginia Shaughnessy Sullivan *
Kelly W. White Warren #
Susan Murdoch Williams #

Jere G. Burrows *
Roger J. Camillo Jr. *
Wayne F. Crowell #
Jeffrey J. Holmes
Lisa E. Manz-Buckley #
Robert P. McGraw *
Kathryn S. Dustin Otto #
Scott P. Robart #
Robert H. Vaughan *
Douglas A. Young #


President’s Circle
Thomas J. Gravina #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Nancy J. Puglisi #

Gold Level
Peter J. Dill #
Jeffrey H. Valentine

Sterling Level
Ann Doane Bell #
Sally S. Bevan
Carolyn K. Wisinski Egan #
Philip C. Haskell #
Michael P. Jarvinen
Michelle L. Bouchard McEwen
William F. Santos

Lynne C. Bates
Steven L. Bird #
Dianne M. Luciano Camillo *
William G. Fleischmann *
Paula J. Clermont Frank *
Susan M. Keefe #
Carolyn A. Cousins Krahn *
Jonathan C. Rand *


President’s Circle
Nancy Blakney Gravina #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Jeffrey C. Barton #
Philip P. Frey
Joni J. Stover #

Platinum Level
Patricia A. Donnelly-Sullivan *
Roberta E. Beaudoin Lamb #
John D. Troy *

Gold Level
Fred J. Matyiku #

Sterling Level
Karla S. Demers
Daniel Donnellan #
Bruce C. Gabriel #
Joseph E. Goulart
Randall Hollister *
Martha C. Keppler Jansen
William E. Mitchell #

Thomas P. Farrelly
Emilie B. Christiansen Manning #
Deborah S. McManus #
Leanne M. Murphy Ogden #
Sherry L. Blair Wakefield #


Balch-Moore Grover Circle
The late Mark M. Evans

Platinum Level
Louis R. Desloges
Daniel J. Sullivan *
Joan M. Tambling #

Sterling Level
Douglas C. Bennet #
Mark D. Bua *
Wendy C. Crowell Bua *
Alana Estore Conley
John L. Cunnane
Mary Norman Davis Dickerson #
Sheila M. Cuddy Halloran *
Eric S. Lagios #
Sherri L. Ledoux Thompson *

George C. Allen
Alan R. Craft #
Tammy M. Cass Craft #
David M. DeSilva #
Donna M. Jencyowski Fong *
Jessica M. Goodwin Hart #
Armando G. Llorente #
John N. McFadden Jr.
Charles Moynagh
Michele M. Parini-Dingle *
Melissa A. Wisinski Poltrino #
June A. Rogier


Barbara Dearborn Club
Michael S. Goldenberg *

Platinum Level
Kevin A. Danie *
Thomas M. Tilson

Gold Level
Elizabeth Chase Sargent *

Sterling Level
Lisa M. Williams Lagios #
Susan M. Guptill Moccia *
Theodore C. Moccia *

Jay M. Danis
George G. Faran
Susan B. Milne Haydock #
Sandra L. Jones
Dwight P. Langendorfer *
Glenn D. Levesque *
Robin A. Peringer *


Geneva Smith Circle
John D. Morgridge *

Silas Pearl Circle
Guy T. Wisinski *

Barbara Dearborn Club
Charles G. Buhrman Jr.
Robert S. Cram
David A. Poulin *

Platinum Level
Timothy J. Drown
Susan M. Wescott Payson *
Anne B. Poirier

Gold Level
John W. Manion *

Sterling Level
Stuart M. Holtshouser #
Elizabeth M. Mackey *
Kenneth P. Osbon #
Patricia M. McAdams Temperino
Patricia A. Tingley #

Robert A. Bruemmer
David Gilmore Jr.
Jennifer G. Evans Hall *
Patricia D. Hoyt
Craig J. Niiler
Richard P. Stickney
Mark W. Strehlke *
Laurie A. Broadbent Walmsley


University Club
Joanne S. Smith Lockwood #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Frank H. Moore *

Gold Level
Keith M. Godbout
Susan Donnaruma Godbout
Dawn Marie M. Ray Haynes #
Larry K. Haynes #
Rachel J. Roy #
Darlene M. Sholik Trainor #

Sterling Level
Steven J. Avedisian *
Gerry Buteau *
Bernard C. Cornell Jr. #
Stuart E. Crowell
Christopher S. Hayden *
William T. Johnstone IV
Kenneth G. Kochien #
Paula D. McCann Kochien #
John R. Sullivan

Steven D. Greenfeld #
Scott Maltzie *
Patrick F. McNamara
Kristine M. Carlson Niiler
Holly E. Chatterton Oliver *
Paul W. Phelps #


Silas Pearl Circle
John H. Tucker Jr.

University Club
Craig A. Souza #

Platinum Level
John M. Young

Gold Level
Elizabeth P. Lovett *

Sterling Level
Althea M. Goundrey #
Laura A. Hainey *
Karen D. Fragola Mullen *

Brian J. Crawford *
Deborah Branscombe Maes
John P. Sullivan
Kimberley A. Trainor *
Karl W. Wajda #


University Club
Michael C. Dionne *

Platinum Level
Ronald C. Fisher #
Christopher J. McCormack *
Nereida S. Rivera-Acevedo *

Gold Level
Rebecca A. Boudreau

Sterling Level
Yolanda L. Baumgartner #
Terry F. Dimick *
Richard T. Rigoglioso
Duncan J. Walsh

Lori A. Van Houten Armstrong
Janine M. Bea Langer *
Keith P. Leighton #
Jeffrey H. Nielson
Frank W. Rhoades
Katherine L. Rhynus Cesark


President’s Circle
The late Elizabeth W. Cheney #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Joseph A. St. Martin *

Platinum Level
Kristine N. Howland *

Gold Level
Mark A. Casale

Sterling Level
Laura J. Avery Dykstra
Mark E. Dykstra
James J. Murphy Jr.
Thomas B. Weeks *

Robert H. Annis #
Craig J. Burns
Scott A. Drynan *
Edward W. Graziano III
David R. Torello *


Barbara Dearborn Club
James M. Hundrieser *

Gold Level
Amy K. Bassett *
Patricia A. Cantor #
Leslie M. Hoyt

Sterling Level
Paul A. Belanger
Tami-Lynne Chevalier *
Megan J. Foley
James K. Poor #
Eric W. Shirley
Stephanie Sopel Shirley
Stephen E. Tarpey

Elisa M. Pascucci Burns
Sharon W. Dwyer
Cynthia J. Paini Harrington
Lori M. Tenney White #
Tracy A. Willette


University Club
Mary E. Campbell #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Theresa M. Koehler Tabor #

Platinum Level
Jeffrey C. Meade *

Gold Level
Anthony C. Mann

Sterling Level
Joseph M. Kazen
Andrea L. Mahoney
James S. Mahoney
Jonathan R. Perham
Steven H. Temperino

Dana W. Amato
Diane D. Desmarais Paillet
Normand H. Provencher *
Mark O. Willingham


President’s Circle
Gary S. Lowe #

Barbara Dearborn Club
Jennifer A. Morris
David Olsen

Platinum Level
Catherine A. Crane #
Linda J. Sargent Meade *

Gold Level
Debra J. Holcomb #
Mary E. Xavier Mann
John M. Osgood Jr.

Sterling Level
Tanya E. Wagman Allen
Nancy M. Offen Grant *
Andrew H. Hayes *
Christopher P. Hudon
Scott A. Petrie
Lynda L. Smethurst
Marguerite A. St. Laurent-Crowell

Christopher J. Dawe
Mark J. Flanders
Robert L. Hazel
Christine M. Healy #
Matthew B. Jozokos
Joseph D. Kelliher Jr. *
James D. Mawn *


Barbara Dearborn Club
William J. Donohue

Gold Level
Kathy Osgood

Sterling Level
Scott C. Allen
John B. Bushey
Carolyn J. Beaudry Hawkes
Sharon L. Koch *
Stephanie A. Yeager Krebs
Brian M. Miller
Jeffrey E. Peterson
Scott D. Trahan

Lawrence D. Boucher *
Robert M. DeGulielmo
David R. Deighan
Jean-Michel G. Hicks *
Jay C. Hilyard
Jessica S. Sullivan Morel #
Denise M. Plante-Renaud
Rachel R. Richard Roper *
Jonathan W. Wentworth *


Barbara Dearborn Club
Christopher A. Buckley
Eric A. Schnairsohn

Platinum Level
Richard J. Brenner
Diane J. Cotter
S. Lauren Lavigne #
John MacDonald

Gold Level
The late David C. Talbot *

Sterling Level
Douglas R. Cantrell
Nicole M. Marquis Dutra *
Stephen C. Fountain
Thomas Harvell
Adam M. Hawkes
Jennifer M. Aiello Luther
Terri Page Muckian #
Carol A. Nicholas
Gina R. Poisson
Andrea L. Zega Price
Kathy E. Vertefeuille Webber #

Gunnar I. Baldwin Jr.
Todd C. Bluestein
Pattiva McKean Cathell
Stacey L. Brathwaite Curdie *
Mark L. Roper *


Barbara Dearborn Club
Mark R. Sawicki

Sterling Level
Scott M. Fagan
Lance D. Hill *
Betsy Myrdek
Barbara L. Siers Trahan

Jeffrey C. M. Jarry


Platinum Level
Jennifer D. Desloges
Jerome C. Sullivan

Gold Level
Joshua E. Stokel

Sterling Level
Donna R. Bamford #
John R. Dalton
Melody R. Funk #
Robert F. Gannett #
Suzan M. Gannett #
Eric J. Price

John C. Blake *
Sarah E. Cook
John A. Kadish
Jeffrey P. Smith
Karole A. Van Nostrand


Barbara Dearborn Club
David E. Gyger II *

Gold Level
Amy R. Bagley Begg *
Rebecca A. Thomson Wagstaff

Sterling Level
Arcangelo V. Arecchi *
Ryan D. Boissonneault
Dawn A. Eades
Kelli-Ann Kemery

Todd D. Lamson
Edward F. Lombardi
Jeffrey A. Petry Jr.
Lisa M. Freda Petry
Bethany L. Souther Zell


Gold Level
Janet A. Duval Panagoulis

Sterling Level
Natalie B. Brickley *
Amie C. Familgetti *
Lynn Goodnough *
Kathleen Norris *
Alicia A. Duffield Presti
Heather D. Streeter Towle

Daphne L. Bruemmer
Casey J. Haskell
Chandra J. Genre Hazelton
Timothy M. Hazelton
Jennifer L. Umstead Lamson
Matthew L. Smith
Gail Sullivan


Platinum Level
Jill Lempicki Egan

Gold Level
Hon S. Lo

Sterling Level
Katharina M. Kelsey
Christopher J. Kilmer
Kyla A. Dunfee Welch
Ryan B. Welch

John R. Girouard
Kathleen F. Thompson
Mark A. Thompson
Stephanie E. Wheeler


Silas Pearl Club
Ryan S. Chadwick

Barbara Dearborn Club
Andrew P. Stevens

Sterling Level
Christopher L. Fall
Michelle L. Monahan Harvell
Carla J. Maslakowski
Alicia A. Patten
Bryan A. Sinatro
Bruce W. Wiggett Jr. *
Janette T. Trickett Wiggett *

Jonathan S. Hunt
Anna P. Roy
Amy E. Zabiegalski Snyder
Thomas D. Stevens Jr.
Leah V. Very Wolcott
Matthew Wolcott


Silas Pearl Club
Colin S. Graham

University Club
James K. Shuman

Gold Level
Paulo R. Fernandes
Elisa L. Saunders

Sterling Level
Rick D. Desharnais
John L. Knapp
Domenica A. Medaglia-Brown *
Jeffrey L. Nadeau
Lawrence C. Pignataro III
Roxana Wright

Edward D. Lowy
Charlene L. McLaughlin
Pamela Pedrick
Richard L. Pedrick III
Janet E. Umstead Poisson
Charles P. Schubert


University Club
Erin D. Shuman

Gold Level
Jonathan R. Albertini
Susan L. Argereow Albertini
Timothy J. Hersey
James A. Stacy *

Sterling Level
EJ Cheney
Christopher P. Kelliher
Scott M. Linde
Darryl G. Plimpton

Joshua R. Calkin
Andrew J. Coutermarsh
Jessica L. Wentworth Cyr
Elisha F. Harrington
Jennifer R. Stevens
Kelly M. Sullivan
Sara S. Stillson Tirrell
Zachary B. Tirrell
Joseph H. Widman


Platinum Level
Daniel P. Craig
Joshua B. Egan

Sterling Level
Richard A. Moskowitz
Heather C. Schulze

Heather L. Adey
Alyssa M. Breton
Jennifer C. Cantara
Jessica A. Orf Dutille
Jeffrey C. Furlone *
Rachel E. Lewis Gasowski
Jason P. Hale
Laurie J. Higgins Hale
Christopher S. Tortorella


Silas Pearl Club
Matthew B. Wilhelm

Barbara Dearborn Club
Courtney J. O’Clair *

Platinum Level
Laurie A. Murphy Hirsch
Linda S. Levy *
Ryan M. Luczynski

Gold Level
Angel A. Ekstrom *
Liesl M. Lindley *

Chad M. Cavanaugh
Matthew M. Coddaire
Derrick P. Cram
Jeremy M. Gasowski
Christopher J. Hamel
Deborah McBee
Craig A. Russell
Seth E. Warren


Gold Level
Brian R. Gagnon
Dan A. Moskowitz

Sterling Level
Michal Bodnar
Kristina M. Coit
Kristen L. Michaud Gonzalez
Joseph G. Mattson
Scott M. Nalette
Sarah L. Robertson
David E. Robinson #
Whitney Swaffield

Zacariah K. Derby
Susan M. Forte Laverack
Francis G. Page
Lindsay M. Bruneau Page
Kelly A. Teixeira


Barbara Dearborn Club
Michael D. Currier *

Sterling Level
Mary K. Desharnais

Rene L. Lavoie Albee
Joshua D. Connors
Laura A. Ellis Gitto *
Jake R. Meserve
David H. Pell
Steven B. Rothenberg
Annette C. Beaudoin Therrien
Michael E. Whaland


Barbara Dearborn Club
Kim M. Bownes *
Benjamin M. McLane

Platinum Level
Tabitha J. Coykendall *

Gold Level
Ashley R. Gagnon
Brian D. Waters

Sterling Level
Leslie A. Kingsley Blakney
Clifford A. Metcalfe
David S. Pratt

Timothy J. Butler
Timothy G. Haroutunian
Krin M. Monterose
Jacqueline M. Morin


Platinum Level
Scott M. Gillman
Matthew W. Krause

Gold Level
Katherine M. Puls Gallagher
Evan M. Lowery
David F. Saunders

Sterling Level
Christopher M. Cadieux
Ryan J. Dobens
Kevin J. Donoghue
Donald L. Lewis III
Riane A. Herlihy Metcalfe
Ryan C. Moreau
Robert J. Wright

Vincent R. DiNapoli
David R. Dyer
Derrick J. Landano
Jesse Rolland
Justin F. Smith


Barbara Dearborn Club
Joshua M. Labossiere
Gene Martin *
Shandra D. McLane
Lindsey M. Daniels Prunier

Platinum Level
JoAnn M. Guilmett

Gold Level
Kristen A. Beadon
Rodney A. Ekstrom *
Angela Prete Matthews *

Sterling Level
Paul F. Greeley
Lindsay M. Huthinson Lafleur
Meghan L. Rodier
Rebecca L. Roy

Eric M. Bonnett
Julie A. Formidoni Carbone
Elizabeth A. Cox Daily *
Harry W. Dares
Ryan T. Harrington
Hope A. Jordan *
Meredith A. Lewko
Andrew Morrissey
Andrew C. Pixley
Adrienne A. Pollner
Matthew E. Prindiville
Samantha C. Fand Prindiville


Barbara Dearborn Club
Matthew D. Prunier

Platinum Level
Lindsey M. Sheldon Stepp

Gold Level
Stephen A. Bobin

Sterling Level
Timothy D. Allan
Christopher K. Chambers
Griffin H. LaFleur

Alyssa K. Deane
Stephen F. Engel
Ryan D. Erickson
Gerald A. Esposito
Karly M. Gray
Kate E. Schoedinger


Barbara Dearborn Club
Jini R. Sparkman *

Gold Level
Sean M. Buckley

Sterling Level
Jake T. Curtin
David M. Rose

Lyvie P. Beyrent
Tamara Hebert
Brett M. Lucas
Christopher L. Malbon
Krystal A. Morin
Jessica E. Moy
Kortney E. Nedeau
Jarika P. Olberg
Christopher J. Roberts
Mitchell J. Shortell
Thomas B. Starratt
Emilia F. Comai Wood
Scott T. Wood


Platinum Level
Samuel D. Wisel
Savannah E. A. Fitzpatrick Wisel

Gold Level
Jennifer M. Smith

Sterling Level
Erin E. Cronan
Derek R. Lussier
Robert A. Phillips

Michael F. Adams
Lynne E. Bacon
Nicholas A. Clement
Michael J. Drew
Ian P. Finn
James G. Hannon
Katherine A. Goller Leaman
Allison M. Luisi
Nathan T. Obin
Thomas N. Paolera
Donald D. Robinson
Debra D. Ross
Robert A. Salerno
Jeffrey P. Sirois
Molly G. Tucker


Balch-Moore Grover Circle

University Club
Matthew J. Bailey

Barbara Dearborn Club
Kai P. Fowler

Platinum Level
Matthew J. Roy

Sterling Level
Christopher P. Beadon
David M. Button
Paul M. Capaldo
Craig J. Carrier
Robert G. Chatfield II
Matthew A. Fiore
Andrew G. Foglia
Alexander N. Fuccillo
Wyatt Q. Huston
Shaylah C. Kelly
Seamus C. McGrath
Eric R. Rajkowski
Brenda M. Shively
Brett A. Sweeney
Richard W. Zobak

Sean P. Allen
Lacey K. Carbone
Lisa A. Hansen Cooper
Richard E. Duffy
Rachael R. Ferranti
Megan Cowlette Hendee
Ryan H. McDonough
Alexander C. Nix
Kaitlyn A. Pawlak
Craig S. Schmalz
Stefan J. Slattery
Kathleen S. Rosse Sperry
David J. Walters


Platinum Level
Kenneth G. Bresette
Ava E. Tyler

Gold Level
Sally M. Daigneault
Lise G. Moran

Sterling Level
Kerri S. Amos Burhoe
Leigh Anne M. Connors
Skyler G. Czajkowski
Niklas E. Hauck
Nicholas R. Melewski
Megan A. O’Gara

Melinda G. Grinold Bicknell
Jordan Black-Deegan
Tyler D. Cote
Autumn S. Wharton


Gold Level
The late Alex R. Herbst

Sterling Level
Ian J. Bures
Michael J. Freitag
Amy E. Schwartz

Tayla C. Corrado
Kevin W. Court
Ryan N. Curtin
Kaitlin B. Donovan
Deborah L. Grotheer
Christa Hollingsworth
Kimberly L. McLaughlin
Matthew T. Moher
Sequoya F. Molzan
Michael J. Nicholson
Elizabeth G. Quay
Paul Y. Reny Jr.
Allison K. Wallace
Nicole M. Garvey Wardwell


Gold Level
David M. Martin

Sterling Level
Thomas L. Dowell

Tieg C. Alward
Grady Arnao
Travis R. Bennett
Meghan Catania
Kayla M. Coates
Colin J. McKenna
Emily G. Tilton
Joseph D. Walsh
Joshua M. Woody


Barbara Dearborn Club
Meghan C. Lang

Platinum Level
Denise L. Normandin

Sterling Level
Mackenzie T. Fullerton
Jordan R. Rosenburg

Dylan J. Adamowski
Zachary Casinelli
Rebecka L. Dale
Adam J. Haversat
Kendal Lariviere
Ian P. McGilvrey
Emma K. Rhodes
Julius Van Den Broek
Marquis A. Walsh


Sterling Level
Bryce S. Eller

Michael J. Allen
Megan M. Bailey
Jason W. Belanger
Teri Ann D. Cox
William B. Datilio
Courtney A. Hayden
Jack Howarth
Elijah C. Johnson
Molly C. McGilvray
Merissa R. Milano
Andrew J. Romeo
Jennifer A. Santucci
Taylor I. Shrode
Megan E. Tingley


Platinum Level
Martha B. Leighton

Jacob L. Scheinman

Geneva Smith Circle

Carrie Morgridge *
Mary Ann Vailas *

Balch-Moore Grover Circle

Kevin M. Davis
Ross R. & Sally A. Humer
Thomas J. & Susan C. Stepp *

President’s Circle

Linda K. Bjork
Charles E. Brown #
Matthew A. Cheney
Jean Del Vecchio & Lenora M. Egli
Richard R. Gerken #
Irvin D. Gordon
Janice C. Griffith Esq.
Cornelia K. Hall #
Eric P’06 & Paula M. Huttner P’06 *
Thomas & the late Elizabeth S. Kelsey
Elizabeth O. Lowe #
Alex L. Ray *

Silas Pearl Club

Anonymous (2)
Anonymous # (2)
James & Susan Baldini
Emily Chadwick
Sarah Graham
John M. & Elizabeth H. Hart *
Joan Kirschner
John H. & Susan Lynch
Daniel & Renee Plummer
R. Steven Rand *
Bonnie T. Still
Pamela Tucker
Margaret C. Turner
Jody Wilhelm

University Club

Duane J. Baxter
Donald L. & Linda Birx
Philip R. & Suzanne Boulter
Michael F. Conklin & Deborah R. Reynolds
Patrick & Corinne M. Conroy
Elizabeth LaRose *
Paula Lee Hobson
Paul J. Jr. & Anna Grace Holloway #
John K. II & Lori A. Hyslip
Darold Harding #
David A. Mears #
Carrie Necchi
Daniel & Marilyn L. O’Connell
Michelle M. O’Neil
Reta E. Presby
Albert M. & Mary Anne Hyde Saul *
John E. P’19 & Susan W. Scheinman P’19 *
Brian & Hilda Stone
Cynthia W. Vascak *

Barbara Dearborn Club

C. Brad & Susan A. Allen
Robert W. Averill
Elyse Baney-Barton #
Julie N. Bernier & Joan E. Andresen #
Gwen Blair #
John Brodeur & Andrea Coville
Marie H. Carlson
Stacey G. H. Yap & Peng-Khuan Chong *
Marlin Collingwood
Woolsey & Beatrice K. Conover
Ann-Marie Cote
Brenda Dow Daniels
Jean T. Davis #
Mitzi Dearborn & Ernest May #
Thomas J. Degnan #
Mark A. & Shelley P. Derby
Robert H. Dorff & Carolyn Dorff
Nathaniel A. & Kerri L. Biederman Dutile
James S. Ely III
Marta C. Ferreira
Michael J. Frank & Kelly E. Papa-Frank
David H. & Mary Pat Frobey *
Vicky Garnsey
Jackie D. Goldenberg *
Scott F. & Christine A. Harrington
John Hernandez
Selina Hunter
John & Melanie Hyslop
Karen Kawaguchi
Jody E. Kelly #
Lenore S. Krueckeberg
Roger R. & Carol LaFontaine
Andrew E. & Donna M. Lietz *
Walter E. Loesch #
Amy L. Maki
Erin Martin *
P. Andrews & Linda H. McLane *
Joyce H. Melanson #
The late Ruth W. Metcalfe #
Ella W. Miller
Michael D. Mooney
Daniel P. Moore *
Wendy J. Palmquist *
Dorothy D. Peterson
Timathy K. Poh *
Monica B. Poulin *
Mary Jane Proulx #
Sandra L. Ray #
Theresa Raymond #
William Sabina
Ruth Sawicki
Patricia P. Schlesinger
Ronald & Eleesa M. Sibley *
Susan M. St. Martin *
Duane Tabor #
Wayne D. Thornbrough
Howie & Sue Wemyss
Susan M. Wiggett #
Richard & Jocelyn Witt
Harold David Zehr & BJ Foster-Zehr #

Platinum Level

Jorge L. Acevedo *
Kelly Ayotte & Joseph N. Daley
Judith E. Blake
Gerard J. Boyle
Jennifer Brenner
Siri Brett
Carol A. Briggs
Mark Burzynski
Sean M. Collins
Scott R. Coykendall *
Lou D’Allesandro
Kathleen M. Daly #
Tom Dawson
Lisa A. Doner
Robert G. Egbert Jr. *
John T. & Donna S. Fallon
Karyn Fisher #
James L. & Donna-Belle Garvin *
Michael S. & Joanne H. Gresavage
Kenneth H. Heuser #
Barbara A. Hogan
Andrew G. & Caryn L. Ines
Robert E. Lamb, Jr. #
Steven & Marguerite Lancia
Giovanni & Mariantonia Lanza
Chris & Tracy Laux
Catherine F. LeBlanc
Robert M. Mains & Amy Durland
Charles A. Mason #
Lisa M. McCormack *
Robert S. Miller #
Timothy T. & Rebecca Weeks Sherrill More *
Dennis R. Nawn
Mark J. & Marla J. Okrant *
Robyn E. Parker & Steven Bardus
Michael H. Payson *
Charles Pratt #
Rosemarie D. Presby #
Debbie Quimby
Susan P. Reddington
Francis C. & Donna Slaski #
Kenneth S. & Grace S. Solinsky
Morgan T. Stepp
Ernest R. Steward *
David F. Tambling #
Katherine M. Tardif
Christopher & Wendy Thayer
Richard D. Tiffany #
Tracy Tilson
Bryant F. Jr. & Carolyn K. Tolles
Bette M. Troy *
Keith Venable
William B. & Bonnie Webb *
Kenneth T. Wheeler Jr. *
Joe & Deb Wolf
Stephen G. Woodsum & Anne R. Lovett
Steven Wright
Robert G. & Jennifer Yates
Lisa H. Young

Gold Level

Anonymous *
Polly Allen
Gino J. & Cheryl L. Baroni *
Michele Bartlett
Charles Bass
Roger E. Belson & Grace Cohen
William & Christy Belvin *
John & Catherine M. Bentwood
Daniel S. Blake
Elizabeth Blankenstein #
Edith L. Briner *
Angela Budrow
Brandon B. & Elizabeth Burnette
Thomas Byington
Alan M. Cantor #
Constance D. & James C. Chesebrough
George N. Copadis
Jeff & Elizabeth N. Cottle
William R. Crangle & Lee Webster #
Irene M. Cucina *
Patricia Currier
Thomas W. Daigneault
Robin DeRosa & Philip C. Lonergan *
Joan Dimond
Ryan &. Debra Distler
Edward W. Drew
Paul L. & Gisela B. Estes *
Mary C. Fahey #
Nancy C. Feldman #
Jennifer Fiore
David Gallagher
Thomas & Kathie Gerbner
Susan M. Goldsmith
Richard T. & Patricia H. Hage #
James W. & Marlise D. Hammond
Michael D. Harrington
Una M. Harrington
Lea Hatch
John Hazlin
Richard W. & Anne W. Hunnewell #
Edward M. & Marguerite Jeffs *
Wendell W. & Erline M. Jesseman
Pamela A. Childs *
Anne M. Jung-Mathews
Mary A. Kennedy #
Lynn A. Koos
John C. Krueckeberg & Mary M. Cornish *
Carl P. &. Sandra Lehner
Tim Lessard
Mei Ng Lo
Gerd E. Lutter
Bonnie Manion *
Kathryn T. & Steven Melanson *
Denise M. Monahan
John E. Morris #
Patrick O’Malley
Steve S. Panagoulis
Dorothy Powers #
Bill Rigero
Timothy & Nina Rose
Steven Roy
James Sanford & Jean L. Doyle
Edward C. Sargent Jr. *
Marcia Schmidt Blaine & Quentin Blaine *
Maureen Silva
Alan J. & Deborah Slobodnik
Erik P. & Joan W. Sorensen
Larry T. & Eleanor A. Spencer *
Christie L. Sweeney
Raina E. Taillon
Martha S. Talbot *
Edward P. Todd
David P. Trainor #
Jack & Terry Webb
Byon & Suzanne R. Savage Yeatts

Sterling Level

Anonymous *
William G. IV & Alicia Abbott
Bruce E. Addison *
Brett Adkins
Robert Adkins
Bruce D. Ahern
Susan W. Almy
Lisa M. Altomari & Nicholas Digiovanni
Adam J. Apt
Paul & Mary J. Archambault
Tylor W. Austin
Kristen Aziz
Patricia T. Bahr
Jon Bailey
Robert E. & Joann W. Bailey
Charles Baraly #
Patricia A. Barker *
Teresa Bartolini
Robert S. Bast & Laura Carlsmith
William Batchelder
Lynn M. Bates
Wendy A. Beard
Bonnie L. Bechard
Brian P. Jr. & Kacy L. Benard
Caroline Bengston
Rita H. Betournay
Christian Bisson
Ann G. Blair *
Paul O. Blais #
Noah Blakney
Priscilla Blanchette *
Rick & Melissa Bodi
Barry & Cynthia Boisvert
Randall Boisvert
Arthur R. & Karen J. Bourgeois *
Jeb & Holly Boyd
Stacy Boyden
Joseph N. & Dawn Boyer
Kathleen R. Boyle
Samuel D. Brickley II *
Sandra Bridgeman
Sheryl Brochu
Scott & Candace J. Brohinsky *
David C. & Deborah G. Brooks
Katherine J. Delaney Brown #
Susan Bucknam
Robert & Margaret E. Burckes-Miller
Robert W. Burhoe
Carol L. Burns
George Cain #
James D. Callanan
Patricia Carega
Samuel E. Carr *
Barbara Carrera #
Paul F. & Leslie A. Castonia
Jennifer Cederberg
Jim Charland
Lewis R. & Jean C. Chase #
Philip R. Jr. & Aggy Chase
EJ Cheney
Claudia J. Chipman
Carrie E. Clark
Wendi Clark
Kellie Clary
Tracy L. Claybaugh
Bob Cleaver
Michael Cloutier
Elisabeth Cody
Jean S. Coffey
Cheryl A. Coker
Robert Collette
Lindsay M. Collins
Mary Collins
Ronald & Janice Collins
Frank Connery
Clare D. Conover
Louis L. & Sara Cornell
Margaret M. Cornell
Susan Cornell
Peter J. Crane
Alexander D. Crary
Laurel Cunnane
Brian Cunningham
Raymond D’Amico
Rosemary D’Arcy
Joan N. Day
Thomas S. Deans
Cindy Deal
Amy J. DelVecchia *
Richard Devins *
David Devlin
Daniel & Betsy DeWitt
Brenda Deyo
Pamela G. Diamantis
David L. Dillard
Chance Dodge
Ted & Linda Dodge
Richard J. & Irene Drew
Donna l. Driscoll
Liza Dubois
Shawn & Stephanie Durant
Christopher R. Egan #
Carolyn Elkins
Scott Elkins
Melinda Enman #
Kimberly May Evans *
Susan C. Evans #
Douglas E. & Martha Evelyn
Julie Fagan
John P. Fernandes & Susan G. McKimens
Thomas Finan
Mariellen Fischer
Gerald D. Fitzgerald
Larry A. & Barbara S. Fitzpatrick
Heather Flack
Gregory Flowers
Brian K. & Betsy J. Fowler
The late Richard A. & Katharine G. Fralick #
Howard H. Frederick
Hugh D. & Diane N. Fredrick
Nancy J. Froio
Joel D. Funk #
Douglas H. Funkhouser #
Crystal L. Gaff *
Bethany Gaita
Peter & Nancy H. Galante
Geoffrey Gannon
Keith & Laura Garside
Richard Gentile
Dean Georgopoulos
Morgan Gerne
Thomas F. Gianakos
Peter Gibney
Catherine M. Gilman
David Gonzalez
Gary E. Goodnough *
Dana Goss
Helen Goss
Abbott H. Gotshall #
John R. & Julie P. Goulet
Jody Graham #
Doug Grant & Patsy Kendall
Suzanne Greeley
David A. G. Green
Peter L. Gross & Diane Garfield
Isaac E. Guzofski
Christian Hallowell & Cynthia L. Morrison
Dick F. & Sandra Hamilton
Richard J. & Elizabeth Hanaway #
Tabetha Hancock
Marie Harris
Danielle Hartman
Esther Harwood
Viking A. & Kathleen W. Hedberg
Robert B. Jr. & Christie P. Hedges
Gary & Patricia Hicks
Paula Higgins
Pam Hill
Ransey Hill *
Jerod L. Hines
Robert G. Hlasny
Annette M. Holba
Geri Tetreault Holdsworth #
Marguerite A. Houseworth
Paul & Joan Hudon
Milton T. & Martha Q. Huston
Frank Jackes
Michael Jackson
James Jacobs
Mallory Jewett
Chad E. Johansen
Eric G. Johnson #
Kim Johnstone
Ann Marie Jones *
Jeffrey S. Kahl
Theodora J. Kalikow *
Susan Keith
Joseph Kelaghan & Thad DeFauw
William G. Jr. & Maureen R. Keller
Joseph D. Sr. & Mary Ann Kelliher *
Frederick Kelsey
Linda J. Kerstetter
Joanne W. Kidder #
Anna G. Kilmer
Kenneth R. & Amy E. Kinder
Harry S. & Sarah A. Kinter
George J. Koslosky #
Michael T. & Maria H. Lahti
Kyle Lamerand
Raymond Landry
Timothy A. & Cheryl A. Lausberg
Ronald G. Lawler & Margaret V. Merritt
Mark D. & Kelly Legacy
Charles Lennick
Joshua & Rhonda Lessard
Adrienne Levin
Tammy Lincoln
Robert & Laurie Linnick
Reynaldo V. Liwanag Jr.
Diane Z. Loomis *
John & Donna Lopardo
Bonnie L. Lord *
Timothy Losee
Gregory Louie
Robert B. & Monique Lowd
Eric Lucas
Pierre A. & Pamela J. Lucas
Vincent & Lois Lunetta
Cathy Lyman
Edward R. MacKay *
Angus J. MacLeod
Mark MacMillan
Lisa Mainguy #
Robert E. Maloney & Bonnie Hunt
Brittany Manfro
Carrie Manna
Maura S. Mansour
Louis S. & Gail J. Marino
Annette Marshall
Robyn Marsi
Nancy Marston *
David F. & Joan J. Martin
Kathleen H. Martin
Michael D. Martin
Tony Martinez
Millicent N. Mason
Alison Mattson
Mary Ann McAndrew
Peter J. & Lynne R. McCabe
R T. & Barbara J. McCahan
Richard A. & Bonnie Lou McCann
Sally McCoy
Joseph M. McDonough #
James D. McEwen
Mary Ann McGarry
Douglas & Susan K. McLane #
Douglas McVicar & Frumie E. Selchen *
Ed Meighan
Randolph Meiklejohn & Diane Sokal
Jake Messier
Beth S. Mitchell #
Joseph L. Mullen *
Charles J. & Carol A. Murray
Mark C. Murray
Linda S. Musmanno
Anetra E. Nabozna #
Russell & Cynthia S. Neumann *
Anne H. Newton
Robert R. Norander #
John D. Norris Jr. #
Paul Norton
Andrew S. & Sabrina Novick
Robert P. Odell Jr.
Pamela Oesterlin *
Cynthia O’Leary
Tim O’Leary
Steven Oliveira
Dianne M. Osbon #
Dawn Osgood
John Osgood
Ms. Osgood
June O’Sullivan #
Thomas D. & Susan L. Pabst
Dan Page
Michael Palma
Cosimo & Beverly Paonessa *
Henry W. & Pauline W. Parker
Jerry & Sharon Patow
William A. & Maureen A. Peet
Gregory & Elizabeth Perillo
Craig C. & Audra Perrino
Henry H. & Jean-Marie Peterson
Kathleen Petrie
George M. & Sandra A. Pettinico
Richard C. Pfenninger
Misa Pignataro
Penny Pitou
Albert Plante
Patrice Plante
Claire W. Pond #
K David Prince #
Thomas L. Pulling
Barbara A. Rawlsky-Willett
Dale Reese
William J. Remick
Kerriann Reynolds
Lawrence W. & Mildred Rhoades
John S. & Martha B. Richards *
Jon S. Richardson #
Timothy J. Richey Sr. *
Jennifer Robichaud
David Robinson
Jacob D. Rosengarten & Nancy C. Wolf
Jessica Rousakos
Mary Beth Rowe
Dustin Rudy
Paulette Ryan
Bonnie J. Saddic #
Maura Saltmarsh
Patrick & Michelle Saltmarsh
Daniel Salzer
Myriol Saunders
Janet Sawin
Karen J. Schaffner
George Schaller
James & Nancy Schibanoff
Susan Schibanoff
Mark E. & Kimberlee Schifrin
Michael R. Schofield #
Warren & Leslie Schomaker
John & Lisa Secone
Nancy S. Sedensky #
Peter Seriano
Diane Shantler
Paula Shaw
Kathryn B. Shea
David Sky
Roni Slavin Pekins
Gary D. & Elizabeth G. Smith
Mitch & Cindy Smith
Sheri Smith
S. T. Smith
Lavern W. Snodgrass #
James M. & Christina L. Somers
Michael Somma
Thomas L. & Mary L. Spittle
Sara Jayne Steen & Joseph H. Bourque *
Amy Stevens
Rebecca L. Stokes
Cheryl Suchors & Larry Field
William M. Sullivan
Brian & Irene Sundquist
Bill Swisher
Richard C. & Leah P. Tanger
Sheryl Tarpey
Michael Tessier
Mildred N. Thayer
Katherine T. Thompson
Stephen & Nancy Thornley
Steven M. & Karen P. Tougas
Charles Townsend
Kemp G. Townsend Jr.
Lori Townsend
K. Tunn
James A. & Susan P. Turbyne
Nancy C. Turner
Charles D. Upham #
Jim & Claire Valente
Ann VanderMeer
Alexander K. Walker
Gordon M. Webb #
Ruth G. Webb
Frances Weeks
Welch Family
John H. Wheeler #
Keryn White
Bruce G. & Elizabeth R. Whitmore
Karen L. Whittier
Elizabeth A. Wichland *
Linda A. Wilkie
Eldwin A. & Marilyn B. Wixson #
Kathleen P. Woodward *
Anthony J. & Virginia W. Woodworth
Allan Young
Alan & Shelly Zelbow
David Zuccaro
Jeanne Zullo


Amy Abatangelo
Glenn Aborn
Marco Abreu
Bernadette Acevedo
Fletcher W. Adams *
Nancy E. Adams
Samuel Adams
Danielle M. Ahern
Lisa Alden
Aaron & Jill Alexander
Lawrence & Barbara Allard
Susan P. Allen
Janet E. Ames *
Paul Anastasio
Michelle Andrews Mau
Amy Angerami
Pamela V. Annis #
Diane L. Arsenault & Peter R. Pirnie
Mike Arsenault
Weston Atwood
Lauren Ayotte
Brice Bacon
Scott W. & Amey S. Bailey
Kristy Baillargeon
Larry & Annie Ballin
Brent Balloch
F. Michael Bannon & Susan D. MacIver
Craig Barber
John Barlow
James & Georgia Barnhill
Melinda & Maryann Barnsley
Kevin F. Barrett
David R. Bean #
L. Sharon Beaty & Wendell Broom
William & Jenny Beaudet
Elizabeth Beaulieu
Danny Beaumont
Zita Bello
Erich C. Beyrent
Kathy Bishop
Marie L. Blaine
Vincent J. Blandini #
Harriet F. Bleau
Mary Bloch
Kelly L. Wilcoxson Bluestein
Linda Bogdan
Nicole Bolser
John R. Boulle
John B. Bowen
Arline E. Bownes
Joe Boyle
J.R. & Paulette Brace
Phyllis Braff
Randall & Reggie Breeckner
Colleen Brickley
Kathleen Brown
Nicole Brown
Robert H. Brown *
Stephen Brown
Brian Bundy
Scott Bundy
Henry Bunker
Catherine Burgoyne
Carlene Cady
Kellie Campbell
Michael Capaldo
Gail A. Stone Carbone #
Alexa M. Carlson & Aaron Landolt
Henry & Barbara Casparius
Maggie Cassidy
William & Sandra W. Cathey
John P. & Martha W. Chandler
Mike Charette
Jeffrey A. Chase
Robert S. Chase & Richard M. Candee
Joshua Cherok
Raina S. Chick #
Austin Ciesielski
Andy Cioppia
Fern Cipriani
Mitchell Clapsadle
Thomas Clapsadle
Cary P. Clark
Katrin Colby
JJ Conant
Bill Conlin
Mary Ellen Connell
Kevin G. Connolly #
Caitlin D. Connor
Karen Connor
Alex Conrod
Traci Consavlo
Alba Contreras
George W. & Ann M. Cook
Jaime Cook
Donald W. Cook #
Paul & Michele Cormier
Karen C. Coughlin
William A. Cox
Susan Z. Crawford *
Ray Creaney
Andrew Cullinane
Sean Cullinane
Debra Cusack
Jonathan Dapra
Susan M. Davies
Jill Degen
Phil Denbow
Don & Marge DeRogatis
John Deschenes #
Allan F. DiBiase
Leo J. & Ann M. Digregorio
Wendy Dillon
Gail T. Dimick #
Diane Diorio
Val Doherty
Johanna Dold
William Dougherty
Hannah Douglas
Robert W. & Susan M. Drescher
Georgia Drew
Peter G. & Kathryn Drexel *
Nancy L. Dubois
Dawn L. Duke #
Billy Dumaine
Chris Dumaine
Daniel E. Dumaine
Thomas J. Dumaine Jr.
Tony Dumaine
Richard W. & Nancy Dutton
Rodger Ellsworth & Eva Nagorka Ellsworth
William & Lin Everett
Eugene D. Fahey #
Devin Farrelly
Deborah S. Fernald
Emily Fersch
Len & Nancy Ficaro
Kathryn Field & Leo Dwyer
Susan G. Finley
Dave Fitzgerald
Rebecca Fitzgerald
Mike Fitzgibbons
Alisha Flanagan
Kathie Flanders #
Pamela Fleming
Bobby Fletcher
Francis & Carol C. Folan
Thomas J. & Kristine L. Folan
Blain Folts
Kimberly Force
Louis E. Frere #
Jeremy & Jaci Fritz
Michael E. & Patricia D. Furgal
Eric B. Gagne
James J. Galle #
Tim Gardella
Wendy B. Gardner
Mark Garland
Ryan Geppert
Eric J. & Liz Gibbs
Renae M. Gilmore
Megan Gleason
Betty Gloner
Walter & Dayle Goad
William & Cynthia H. Goertemoeller *
Sondra Golanty
Larry & Deborah L. Goodman
Kenneth & Nancy R. Gordon
Ken & Tara Gorski
Patricia A. Goss
William R. Goulet
Steve & Darlene Goumas
David P. & Kathleen Govatski
Alma E. Vota Grand
Donna Grant
Jeffrey M. Gray
Sonja C. Greenlee
William S. & Nancy S. Greenlee
Todd Gresham
Linda Griffin
Mark Grotheer
Amanda Guilbert
Rachel E. Gustafson
John J. Gutowski
Owen Gwyn and Darri Gant
Peter S. & Andrea M. Hacker
Tom & Catherine Hahn
Peter M. Hall *
Ashley Halsey
Richard B. & Judith Hamel
Roberta Hamilton
Dave Hannigan
Danielle M. Zecker-Hannon
Chris Hardy
Philip B. Hart
Charles & Rebecca S. Hastings
Mallory Hathaway
Arnold B. & Susan C. Hawk
Scott Hayden
Carol Hazel
William J. Jr. & Crescentia A. Healy
Sophie A. Heller
Judith Herderhurst
Daniel Heyduk
Jeffrey D. & Marie P. Hicks
Douglas P. Hill & Alexandra T. Breed
Jason Hilton
Karen Gagnon Hinsley
Bob Holdsworth
Warren & Diane S. Hopkins
Shane Howard
Shannon Howland
Corey M. Hoyt
Mark Hrubala
David Huntley
Jim Huss
Terry L. Hussey #
Denise M. Hutchins
Craig Jackson #
Judi Jackson
Mary Paule Jackson
Maxine Jacobs
Robert Johnson
Christopher Jones
Kevin J. & Joanne P. Jones
Daniel E. Kale
Donald E. Kale
Steven Kale
James Kallfelz
Barbara Katz
Tom Keefe
Tommy Keefe
Adam Kelliher
John Kelliher
Shelly M. Kelliher *
Liam Kelliher
Mackenzie Kennedy
Cheryl Kenney & Mary Louise Brozena
David L. & Carolyn A. Kent *
James Kerwin Jr.
Art Kilmer
Austin Kimball
Jim Kimberly
Madison Koutrouba
Casey Krafton
Daniel & Briana Krawczyk
Raymond W. & Patricia M. Kucharski
Sheila Kucich
Bret Kulakovich
Neal Kurk
Debbie M. Labeck
Timothy Labeck
Kathryn LaBrie
Tami Labul
Robert A. Lacasse #
Benjamin D. & Linda B. Lambert *
Richard Lang #
Sean Lang
Denice LaRock
Robert J. & Denise E. Larrabee
John W. Laverack Jr.
Paul G. & Nancy A. Lavigne *
Adrianna Lee
Alexa Lee
Michael C. Lennon
Elaine R. Leone #
Hannah Letourneau
Derek Levesque
Deborah Lievens
Kristina S. Lind
Laura Lind
Robert L. Lind
Patricia L. & Richard Lindberg #
Pat Livingstone
Lauren D. Llorente #
David Lloyd
Christine A. Lombardi
James A. Lopresti
Tori Lucas
Elizabeth Lucas
Katherine M. Lucas
Mark R. Lucas
Brad Lyman
Hugh J. MacDonald #
Randolph A. Macdonald #
Laura Macfarlane
Dolly MacIntyre
Nicole Maggy
Mary H. Hogan Mallon
Matt C. Mara
Chris Marino
Paige Marquardt
Daniel P. Marshall
Tammy L. Martell-Welsh #
Leigh C. Marthe
Tracy Martin
William & Robin Martin
Kevin & Cassandra Mason
Warren E. & Annette R. Mason #
Jeryl Massini-Ryan
Erik Matteo
Ben May
Patrick J. & Patti M. May
Isabelle L. Mayo
Burrett E. McBee
Kevin A. McCann
Meghan McCarron
Jane McClocklin
Anthony Desmond McElroy
Carrie McFadden
James McGranaghan
Lindsay Corrigan McHugh
Diana McMahon
Kim McPherson
Christine Mello
Clare R. Mendelsohn
Robert F. & Christine W. Meserve
Chelsea E. Meserve
Indiana Messier
Jake Michalewicz
Kevin Michalewicz
Evelyn B. Michaud
Bob Michel
Peter L. Miller & Meredith J. Bird-Miller
Michelle Mills
Maureen Mongeau
Joe Morabito
Daniel Morel #
Otis Moulton
Caroline Moynagh
Paul M. Mroczka
Timothy Mulkern
Kevin & Alice A. Mullen
Charles J. Mullen Jr.
Regina Murawski
Rita Murphy
Julie Murray
Douglas O. Murray #
Robert Muse
Beth Nassar
Morgan Navarro
Claire Nawn
Kortney E. Nedeau
Doug Nelson
Douglas A. Nelson
Erik Nelson
William K. Nelson
Nathan Neveu
Shane Newcomb
Stephen & Marie Nolan
Fred & Dorothy Nold
Linda O’Bara
Joseph & Cynthia O’Brien
Mary A. O’Brien & Rebecca A. Steeves
Alice S. O’Connor *
Brian Olsen
Christine O’Malley
Richard G. & Stephanie L. Osborne
Amy Osgood
Erik Osterberg
John B. Ostler
Herbert R. Otto #
Jeanette Page
Thomas Page
Laura E. Parr
Melissa Patterson
Elizabeth B. Payne
Robert J. Payton Jr.
Megan Peet
John & Carol S. Shull Perkins
Donna Perlee
Frank & Joanne Perrino
Michael Perrino
Sandra Perry
Sarah E. Perry
Meg J. Petersen
William Peterson
Mary Lou H. Phelps #
Peter Pherson
Sandra Phillips *
Benjamin & Barbara Phinney
Lori A. Pickert-Doyle
William J. Pimley
Kristen Pixley
Christina Plant #
Corinne Poirier
Alice B. Poole
Doug R. & Marianne C. Potter
Peter L. Powers *
Sean Powers
David B. & Barbara B. Preston
Philip Preston
Haley Quinn
Jennifer Quinn
Lorenzo A. & Beverly L. Raimondi
Bob Randazzo
Jeannene Rawlsky
Mary Rawlsky
Alyssa Raxter
Nick J. Raymond
Sophia R. Read
Maureen Reault
Scott A. & Luanne J. Rhodes
Angela M. Ricciardi
Anne S. Riesenberg
Savannah Riley
Jim Rioux
Ralph & Mary-Linda Ripley
Charles & Barbara J. Ritter
Lonnie Rivers
Christine M. Robbins #
Sheila W. Robbins
Roxanne Roberts
Rita Robinson
Paul W. Rogalus
Allison Rogers
Karen Ross
Raymond Ross
Don Roy
Ethan Roy
Austin Rushworth
Elisabeth Russell
Kara Russell
Sean Ryan
Zachary J. Ryan
Marilyn M. Sanford
Jonathan C. & Marcia L. Santore
Alan R. Sax
Meghan M. Merritt Schaffer
Nicole Schiavone
Tracey Schiavone
Ryan D. Schieding
Gary & Susan Seidner
Elizabeth A. Sengstaken & Herbert H. Fuller
Francie Shaffer
Amanda Shipley
Jedidiah Sky
Josh Slattery
Kristen Smethurst
Bob & Carolyn Smith
Craig Smith
Peggy Smith
Tracey Smith
Alicia Snow
Kyle M. Somma
Rob Souter
Christine A. Souza #
John Souza
Marjorie A. Spead
Scott Spencer
Lori Stahler
Aaron Stevens
Dennis Stewart
Donald W. Stillman
Mark W. Stock #
Frances Strayer
Hanna Street
John S. Sullivan Jr.
Kyle Sullivan
Melissa L. Sullivan
Lawrence B. & Pia M. Sunderland
Jennifer Svane
Kathleen Swanson
Stephen J. Taksar & Laure A. Morris *
Diane Taliaferro
Dom Tarr
David M. Taylor
Dijit T. Taylor
Marianne Tecun
Steve Tewksbury
David Therriault
Justin Therriault
Mike Therriault
Joseph L. Therrien
Minnie Thibodeau #
Woodrow B. Thompson
James Todd
Gerard L. & Therese M. Tougas
Christopher Trainor *
William S. & Elizabeth A. Trought
Gabriela Trust
Alice Tunney
Betsy Turgeon
Jennifer Turner
Roger O. & Miriam L. Uhler
Torill Ulbrandt
Patricia Urso
Nicholas D. Vaillancourt
Candy Venincasa
Joan Venincasa
Mark E. & Mae S. Vercruysse
Matthew Vermillion
Chuck Vorias
Ralph P. Wainright *
Peter E. & Jeanne F. Walcek
William D. Wallace
Vincent J. Walsh #
Patricia R. Walsh
Winifred S. Ward
Lisa Wardlaw
Christopher Waterbury
Audrey Watkins
Jane L. Weber
Donald Weisburger
Mary Welch
Sean Wheeler
Brittany White
James C. Whiting
William & Amey P. Wieting
Chris Wilcox
Deborah Wilcox
Gretchen V. Williams
Donna A. Wiseman
Michael Worhach
Geoffrey Yalenezian
Mallory Yalenezian
Leonard B. Yoder #
Dorothy Young #
L.R. Young
Samuel E. & Joan Young
Joseph & Emily L. Pattison Zabransky #
Chuck Zachary
Mike & Ellie Zuccaro
Kurt Zwicker

Mark M. Evans ’83
Carleton R. Parish ’71

Helen L. Grace Abbott ’39
James D. Aguiar
Paul E. Arold
Judith Ross Bagley ’62
Thelma Baker
Hunter Baney-Barton
Madie Ward Barrett
Maureen A. Shine Bateman ’64
Mark E. Bates ’75
Sally Boland
Ruth A. Gilman Bolduc ’46
Robert L. Boyd
Paul J. Breckell ’64
Judith E. Stone Brooks ’61
Elaine G. Vaillant Brown ’68
Sharon L. Budd
Matthew S. Budrow ’06
Raymond S. Burton ’62
Marion F. Gould Callender ’47
Wilbur W. Callender
Emma and Frank Cancian
Jane Cantlin
Elizabeth W. Cheney ’89, ’99G
Joseph L. Clark Sr.
Christopher Clarke
Timothy L. Conroy ’00
Maynard E. Contois ’58
Gerard J. Corcoran Jr.
Charles L. Currier
Barbara Smith Dearborn ’60
Doris S. DeQuinze
Thomas Dion ’85
Karl Drerup
Elizabeth A. Potter Drew ’53
E. James Durkee ’67
David M. Dutra ’85
R. Stephen Eastman ’71
Betty W. Egli
Raymond A. Gross
John T. Gyger III
Ann G. Haggart
E. Richard Haney ’62
Brennan C. Hart
Gladys Herrick
Jean R. Hobson
James J. and Nancy F. Hogan
Harold E. Hyde
Elizabeth Jackman ’75
Janet Sanford Kelliher
Betty Killen
Charlene Miller Knight ’66
Brad Lambert
Bryant A. Lausberg ’12
Harold Lavigne ’72
Constance Leibowitz
Dennise M. Maslakowski
Michael J. McLaughlin ’76
Donald E. Messier ’62
Ruth W. Metcalfe
JoAnn Morris
Lillian F. Morrissey
Michelle L. Morse ’05
Jake Nawn
Dana P. Nelson ’69
Thomas Nicoletta
Daniel A. Noel
Maybeth Paris Oberti ’52
Robert E. O’Neill
Carleton R. Parish ’71
Juliet B. Rand
Artelia Ray
Olan Ray
Gary Richey
Patricia Patterson Risley ’65
Jeanne Ryan
Eugene A. Savage ’58
William H. Savage ’61
Thomas O. Schlesinger
Marjorie B. Thompson Scott ’47
Walter P. Smith
Gene F. Stearns ’62
Gail Eagleson Stevens ’62
Marjorie Stokes
William L. Taylor
Marian Levesque Tibbetts ’75
Douglas Tonn
Therese M. Tougas
Todd S. Trevorrow
Eileen A. Coyle Varrese ’67
Vladimir Vascak
Samuel A. Vickens
Henry E. Vittum ’48
Emma B. Yeaton Wheeler ’36
Douglas C. Wiseman ’61
Richard E. Wylie ’64
Harold C. and Martha Zehr

Barbara Andresen
Kayleigh M. Bennett ’18
Julie N. Bernier
Leslie A. Kingsley Blakney ’07
Carol A. Briggs
Mary E. Campbell ’91G
John P. Clark ’71, ’73G
Class of 1985
Kristina M. Coit ’05
Marlin Collingwood
Woolsey S. and Beatrice K. Conover
George E. Davis ’63
Dorothy M. Diehl
Robert C. Dimmick ’03G
Rodney A. Ekstrom ’09G
Kathy and Nino Emmi
Richard B. Ewart ’73
Eugene D. Fahey
Mackenzie T. Fullerton ’17
Brian R. Gagnon ’05, ’09G
Michael S. Goldenberg ’84
Carlos and Angel Gonzalez
Carlos and Antonia Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez
Shannon L. Griffiths ’17
Timothy C. Hadley ’10
Jennifer G. Evans Hall ’85, P’19
Paula Lee Hobson
Christa Hollingsworth ’15G
Corey M. Hoyt
Richard, Charis, Mason and Jack Humphries
Pamela M. Irish
Linda S. Levy ’04CAGS
Patricia L. Lindberg
Gene Martin ’09
Megan E. McAndrew ’20
Louise S. Samaha McCormack ’72
James J. McGhee ’20
Domenica A. Medaglia-Brown ’01, ’14G
Peter L. Miller
Robert S. Miller
Sally Moore
Carrie and John D. Morgridge ’85
Morgan Navarro
Craig J. Perrino ’20
Brad and Joyce Presby
David W. and Sheila Presby
Ryan R. and Alyssa Presby and children
Thaddeus D. Presby and Joselle Germano-Presby and children
Trevor B. and Samantha K. Presby and children
Wayne W. and Susan G. Presby and Abby Presby
Robert J. Raimondi
Jordan R. Rosenburg ’17
Kara Russell
Jasmine M. Santiago ’22
Joan A. Doyon Savage ’56
John E. Scheinman P’19
Jennifer M. Smith ’12G
Elijah Sowa
Sara Jayne Steen
Brian Stone
Hilda Stone
Phil and Janete Stone and children
Margie K. Sullivan
Robert F. and Margot W. Swift
Alan A. Switzer Jr. and Betsy Switzer
Nicholas and Casey Sylvain and children
Ann E. Thurston ’80, ’00G, ’07CAGS
Diane Tillotson Tiffany ’76
Ava E. Tyler ’14, ’17G

Able Insurance Agency, LLC
Ameriswiss Technology, LLC
Amoskeag Beverages
Aspen Necessities, LLC
Atkins Painting, Inc.
Bank of New Hampshire
Basic Ingredients
Biederman’s Deli & Pub
Blush Boutique
Brad Bailey Agency, LLC
Casella Waste System, Inc.
The Cellar Pub, Inc.
Chase Street Market
Christopher Maki Memorial Scholarship Fund
Commemorative Designs
Common Man Inn
Conklin & Reynolds, PA
Connection, Inc.
Dale & Betty Ann Frey Family Foundation
Davis Educational Foundation
Dental Associates of Gloucester, LLC
Dow Family Trust, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Enlighten Nutrition and Wellness, LLC
FinestKind Brewing, LLC
Follett Higher Education Group
Frederick Smyth Institute of Music
Friends of Melrose Football
G.Q. Enterprises, LLC
Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell PA
Gallant Therapy Services
Gartner, Inc.
Gordon F. Linke and Jocelyn B. Linke Foundation
Great American Dining
The Greater Lakes Region Charitable Fund for Children
Health Wealth, Inc.
Helloswan, LLC
Henry S. Maxfield Real Estate, Inc.
Hill Food and Beverage Company, LLC
Hudson Police Employee Association
J.T. Fallon Consulting Services, LLC
The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Inc.
Jackson Historical Society
Judd Gregg Family Foundation
The Kappa Delta Phi Spirit Fund
Kebek 3 Motel, Inc.
Kezar Lake Watershed Association
Lakes Region Juniors Volleyball Club
Laundry Equipment Corporation
Littleton Hospital Association
Littleton Hospital Auxiliary
M. Wills Electric, LLC
MacKenzie Landscaping, Inc.
Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association
Marion Gould Callender ’47 Music Fund for PSU, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
The Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation
Mid-State Health Center
Morgridge Family Foundation
Moulton Real Estate
Neil & Louise Tillotson Fund, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Nelson Properties, LLC
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
New Hampshire Softball Umpire Association
Newfound Lake Region Association
NH Adventure Boot Camp
NH Humanities Council
Northeast Delta Dental
Omega Financial, Inc.
Ooloo Press
Orford Servicenter, Inc.
The Outdoor Foundation
Paul Hogan Basketball Camps, LLC
Peabody & Smith Realty, Inc.
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ
Plymouth General Dentistry
PSU Office of Environment Sustainability
PSU Poets and Writers
PSU Professional, Administrative & Technical Staff
R. Venincasa Flooring
Renys Department Store
Rock & Tebbetts, PC
Rusty’s Towing
Ruth W. Metcalfe Charitable Remainder Trust
Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation
Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green PA
Ski Fanatics, Inc.
Spofford Lake Association
Strategic Transport, Inc.
Timberlane Regional School District Sunshine Fund
Two International Marketing
University System of New Hampshire
Walmart Foundation
The Waterman Fund
Waterville Valley Golf Club
Whitetail Woods Trust
Wildwood Village Association
Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank

Abbott Laboratories
Ameriprise Financial
Automatic Data Processing Foundation
Bank of America Corporation
Boeing Company
FM Global Foundation
Gartner Group
General Electric Company
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Meredith Corporation
New York Life Foundation
Pfizer Foundation
The Plymouth Rock Foundation
RBC Wealth Management
Robert Half Technology
State Street Corporation
Teleflex Foundation
UBS Investment Bank & Global Asset Management
United Technologies Corporation
UnitedHealth Group
Unitil Corporation

Anonymous (6)
Joel M. Allred
Randy Armstrong
Marcia Barrere
Nancy Barry
Brewster M. ’72 & Michele Bartlett
Raymond Beauregard
Paul Belyea
Margaret Bickford
Amanda Black-Ingersoll
Cafe Monte Alto
Chase Street Market
Cottage Place on Squam Lake
Harriet DeMark
Maria T. Dubach
Evergreen Embroidery
Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center
Sally Gove
Sally Grand & Ward D’Elia
Dick F. & Sandra Hamilton
Scott Haskell
Tamara Hebert ’07, ’11
Daniel Heyduk
Robert & Pamela M. Irish
Anne M. Jung-Mathews
Kool Stewl
Samantha S. Labens ’18
Kevin G. ’77 & Joanne M. Lafond
Irit Levy
Kristina S. Lind
Elizabeth P. Lovett ’87
Stacey L. Lucas ’01
John J. ’90 & Martha E. Marrapese
Burrett E. & Deborah McBee ’04G
MegaPrint, Inc.
M ‘n M Scoops
Timothy M. ’79 & Debra A. Naro ’93, ’11G
Christine Nicoletta
Daniel R. Perkins
Phat Fish
Lawrence H. ’58 & Rosemarie Presby
Simply Sunflowers
Six Burner Bistro
Susan P. Smith ’86G
Squam Lake Marketplace
Jamie V. & Debra L. Stalnaker ’11
Roberta N. Wallace Stearns ’61
Thai Smile
Woodrow B. Thompson
Richard D. & Diane Tillotson Tiffany ’76
Clarissa M. Uttley
Cynthia W. Vascak