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A PDF of the PSUnite Mentor Profile Setup Guide is available here.

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Our First-Year Mentoring program in PSUnite is designed to meet President Don Birx’s goal of having one mentor for each of our 1200 entering students. Why a First-Year Mentor? How is that different from a Career Mentor? Nationally, a number of students leave college after their first year. For some at PSU, this is for […]

First-Year Mentoring Program FAQ’s Below are questions submitted by our current mentors from our online FAQ submission form to help us build out training materials and respond to questions. Have additional questions? Let us know here. What if my mentee changes career path/direction? What if I change careers? We expect this to happen, especially with the students/mentees! Though career is a […]

This short video (just under 5 minutes) provides some great perspective and motivation. Like 43% of our current students, the speaker was a first-generation college student.

We find Plymouth State alumni just as quick to respond to calls to help out a current student. This LinkedIn article has helpful tips from another school that we think make sense for our students and alumni, too.

Great article in Forbes with some really great tips. It’s a quick read. We really like tips #1 and #4.