Move-In Day Another Rousing Success

More than 2,200 students and families converged on Plymouth on Labor Day to move onto campus, and with the help of the athletic teams, sororities, and staff at Plymouth State, move-in day was once again a rousing success. Read more>>


Clear Skies and Open Roads


By Alex Herbst ’15
As soon as I finished packing my things from my room in Blair Hall last May, my good friend Justin Buteau ’15 and I set off to travel the country. We visited Mount Rushmore, the Field of Dreams, and Denver on our way to Justin’s home state of California. It was my first time in the “Sunshine State” and I was amazed by the sight and sounds of California. Read more>>


Be Genki


By Keith Bouchard ’14
And then I was in Japan. Everywhere is an alphabet I cannot read and a language I cannot speak. I came only with a few things, but these, too, feel strange as I unpack my old life in an unknown country.

I am now what one calls a ‘foreigner.’ To the natives I am gaikokujin, a foreign-country-human. But as a white American male, I have not exactly been an outsider before. Even in normal things I find a kind of newness at which I must glance twice. Read more>>